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Monday, May 25, 2009

AHL gets the shaft

Everyone ... I just hate to deviate from the tunnel vision that has been the Aeros' incredible run though the 2009 postseason. No matter what happens tonight, this season was a huge success, and to think of what could be ... well, I am not going there. 

As for this post, I am really surprised that the NHL did not contact Dave Andrews to see if these new rule changes for the NHL could have first been tested in the second best hockey league in the world. 

Anyway, check out this video and feel free to sound off here when you get though all the rule changes. 


Forecheck said...

I like the new net, the home runs I can deal with, but isn't requiring the first two cards to be dealt up a little bit of a sell-out to ESPN and their decision to telecast poker instead of hockey?

Forecheck said...

Wait a minute..."Penalty boxes replaced with 12-round octagon hatches"???

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Really? So no one thought this was funny?
I just thought it was great how they make fun of people that don't like hockey.

Sure they are making fun of hockey too, but this was more for people that like hockey than those that don't.

Lighten up people. Shit.

Ms. Conduct said...

The Onion folks are clearly hockey fans. They know all the buttons to push.

That video is funny the way the British version of The Office was... sort of in a painful way, if you know what I mean.