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Friday, May 22, 2009

Updated -- Matt Climie to start tonight for Aeros

Our own John Royal was at the Morning Skate this morning and got word that Matt Climie will start in goal tonight for the Aeros in Game 5. Read here for more on this on chron.com. Also, the Winnipeg Sun picked up the news and has their take on Climie, the mystery goalie.

Here is the quote from Aeros assistant coach Luke Strand:

["We feel throughout the playoffs, (Climie's) play is at the highest of our group of goalies. Since the end of March, Nolan (Schaefer) had only faced very limited time in any type of game scenario leaving him maybe just a bit off of his timing. Matt is a talented goalie that we are hoping continues to be as sharp as a starter as he has been in his time of relief this playoff run."]

Here is a look at the Aeros goaltending situation for the last six weeks or so:

1) Nolan Schaefer - backup tonight
2) Barry Brust - Out, Lower Body Injury
3) Anton Khudobin - Out, Lower Body Injury
4) Sebastien Centomo - Released after backing up late in regular season
5) Rejean Beauchemin - Released late in regular season
6) Matt Climie - Assigned by Dallas earlier this playoffs, and will start tonight

Now tell me the last time you saw a team use six goalies in a month-plus and make it to the semis.



Rob said...

Yes, good, Climie. I feel better. I think he'll do fine against Le Machine.

Chris Jerina said...

Climie has looked stellar in every relief effort in the playoffs, I'm excited for the kid.

Can't say I'm concerned about his starting as I would of most team's back-ups, let alone 4th stringer!

Fred Trask said...

I'm just concerned about rust.

Hopefully they've been working him hard.

The Dallas boys in the house will be happy.