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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's All Over

So, just a few, quick thoughts on the final game of the season....

First, the loss is probably my fault. I should have been there. It's clear now that my presence in Peoria and Milwaukee is what keyed those victories, so my absence is the fault for this loss. I hope you readers, and the team, will forgive me.

Basically, I think this end, this 3-1 loss to the Manitoba Moose in Game Six was the result that should have been expected. The Moose were the better team. They had the talent, and the experience, needed to beat Houston. Most importantly, they were, for the most part, healthy. Matt Climie put up the good fight in goal for Houston, but he was a fourth string goalie. And the Aeros played most of the playoffs with a third string goalie, Anton Khudobin, between the pipes. The Aeros were able to beat two teams who had two of the best goalies in the AHL on the ice, but in the end, they just could get past Cory Schneider, who was another one of the best.

The Aeros played 21 games in about six weeks, and they were tired, and injured. Besides Nolan Schaefer, Barry Brust, and Khudobin, Krys Kolanos has been battling a lower-body injury and Jesse Schultz had just returned from an injury. And I'm sure that as the days pass we'll be hearing more about the injuries the guys were playing with. I know the training room was often crowded after the game, but the guys always seemed to find away to tough it out and make it out onto the ice for each game.

The big questions in the coming months will be with the roster. Kolanos, Schultz, and Corey Locke are free agents, and those three guys provided a good share of the team's offensive power over the season. Matt Beaudoin, who emerged midway through the season and was, perhaps, the team's second-best offensive weapon in the playoffs, behind Locke, is also without a contract, as is fan favorite Mitch Love.

I'm not going to get to all of the roster questions, but who knows what new Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is going to have in mind for the Wild, and thus for the Aeros. I'm happy that Tom Lynn is returning as GM of the Aeros, and I'm hoping that Kevin Constantine and the rest of his staff also return.

It's going to be an interesting four months or so until the next season gets underway. And I hope you'll keep checking us out here at T3I because we plan on keeping you up-to-date on everything that happens.

And may I say on behalf of everyone at T3I, thank you for reading. We've been overwhelmed by the response and we hope to keep getting even better.

So for the final time this season, I'm playing deejay. Here's Ringo Starr with "Photograph."


will said...

Thanks for the outstanding Aeros coverage. T3I has been one of my most-checked sites since I found it. It was a fun playoff ride, even if we came up short. Looking forward to seeing the team hopefully build on this success headed into next season.

Never fear, Aeros fans, puck drops in four months!! Go Aeros!!!

Moose Fan said...

Have to save huge kudos to the Aeros. They battled hard against the Moose and really, all playoffs. It was a fun and entertaining series!! Enjoyed coming into "enemy" territory and finding such good coverage. All the best to the Aeros!!

P.S. - the Moose have a solid forum, I hope some Aeros fans find it and join up. We mostly get Wolves or Bulldog fans, be nice to have more rival fans discuss the game.

killerwhaletank said...

Gotta say, that was a heck of a series. In the end I'm glad it went to a game 6 because you got to see some big wins on home ice and we got to have an absolutely electric game 6. It was crazy... I couldn't even hear the goal horn over the crowd in the 3rd.

Aeros played hard this game... no dishonour or discredit to them whatsover for losing game 6, they never gave up or fell apart like other teams have done in the past (*cough*Toronto*cough*). In the end, the Moose just outchanced them and played a little tighter of a game.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and comments and am glad you've been welcoming to us Moose fans. It really added an extra level of excitement and interest to be able to interact with "the enemy".

Thanks to the Aeros and the Moose for giving us a great series.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad, but can't say I'm surprised. The guys were awesome and can hold their heads high. Thanks so very much to you, Heather, Andrew and Fred for your hard work and complete coverage. You're a great team yourselves.

Fred Trask said...

Thanks for the love everyone. It was a great ride. In some ways the guys deserved a better fate as the obstacles they had to over come were enormous. I doubt you will ever find a team with more heart than we had this year.

T3I will continue to get better and we'll continue to bring you the best hockey coverage in Houston.

bewarte the bear(s) said...

Kudos all around: great coverage by T3I, great knowledgable and funny comments, and WHAT a team, battling on and on.
Wishing all the guys the best of luck where ever they may head. We'll try to keep up with your successes if possible. Can't you blog for your loyal fans here in Aeros land, hmm?
And for those of the team coming back to Houston next season, we, the fans, are here to root for you, as always mixed in with a dose of IF ONLY. Just to spice things up...LOL.
We DO hope that most of this season's spirit and 'yes, we can' attitude will carry over and make 2009/10 another nailbiting, edge of seat heartstopping year!
Go Aeros and 'rattle' all opponents.
Sigh, the (d) has to go now!

beware the bear(s) said...

oops a 't' snuck in whilst removing the 'd'.. sorry!

Chris Jerina said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys for the hard work put into each game's coverage. I didn't expect to see Houston get past the first round, let alone to the Conference Finals, but they definitely showed heart the entire way! I think just getting to Game 6 spoke volumes about this team.

Maybe I'll have to find my way to get to Houston for a game sometime next season :)

Ally said...

This has been a great season with an awesome playoff run!! This group of guys have really played well and have battled through a lot. Hopefully, the same bunch will be back for more fun next year!
T3I peeps: YOU ROCK! The coverage, the humor, and the pics have been incredible!
Looking forward to next season! And at least the off season is shorter! LOL