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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Media round-up & the Calder Cup Finals

Helluva run, boys. Thanks for giving us a nice, long, utterly unpredictable season. I'm beyond proud.

The last few times we've been on the brink, I was prepared for the season to end, to do some writing looking back, and then looking forward. But this time, while I'm actually kind of relieved it's over, I'm not ready to dig into it. Mostly, I just want a nap.

But here's some folks who are able to write about it:

So, now the Calder Cup will go to either Manitoba or the Hershey Bears, who have also been dominant this season. Nothing against Manitoba... they were simply the better team and I don't feel any ill will toward them... but I'm pulling for Hershey in this series, which starts Saturday night.

I think their goaltending story is more compelling. Check out their stats to see why: They're getting it done on the back of their rookie, third-string goalie, Michal Neuvirth, who only has 17 games in the regular season. Sound familiar?

Both teams have huge fan bases, so this is a dream match-up for the league and should be a great series. And while I may be rooting for Hershey, I think Manitoba wins it in 6.


beware the bear(s) said...

Thanks Ms.C.
Bears vs Moose.. ought to be an interesting round.

Looking for summer icehockey notes
from T3I table mates... to chase the summer hockey blahs away!
Until .... you all enjoy your months off.

JSM said...

So proud of the boys this year. Some ups and downs, but overall, great hockey in Houston this year! The off season should be interesting for the Aeros & Wild. A huge THANKS to the T3I gang. Great work and thanks for all the great info you've given us this season. Enjoy your summer, see you next season!!

Forecheck said...

It was a great 100 game run this season!

But now what the heck are we supposed to do for entertainment for the next 4+ months???

Rob said...

Excellent work Aeros! Congratulations, thanks very much for an exciting and rewarding season. You all have been an inspiration. Best wishes and may God bless each of you.

Thanks Ms. C, John, Fred, and Andrew. Because of you, the games were more interesting, better. You make a difference.