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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Round 3, Game #5 -- Aeros vs. Moose -- Photos

What a game!!! The Aeros started off with a bang, 2 quick goals and then a second period that was simply amazing, 14 or 15 minutes of dominating hockey without any stoppages. Maybe the single best period I've ever seen the Aeros skate at Toyota Center.

Here is the Noreau goal, it dribbled through 5 hole.
Lammers celebrates

D-men Brandon Rogers and Maxim Noreau celebrate
This is an amazing series of the first Hrkac goal. Cory Schneider almost got it with the blocker but there was enough on the shot to flip the puck up in the air and fall into the net. I've circled the puck where it ts difficult to see. The puck is in every photo in the series.

Here you can see the puck between the blocker and the arm.Some celebration of the goal
Here is the Matt Beaudoin goal.
And here is the 2OT Tony Hrkac goal with some celebration.

All Photos:Fred Trask


Ms. Conduct said...

ZOMG, that last picture makes me so happy. Beautiful, Fred. I was watching you down there hoping you were getting some good goalie nuzzling shots...

John Royal said...

Damn you, Fred. No words that I can ever type ever do justice to the photos. Great work, sir. Great work.

Forecheck said...

Fred - on the last two of the game winner, where is the puck?

Forecheck said...

OK, got it on the next to last one - dang, black on black is tough for 50 year old eyes!

I assume it is in the net on the last one.

Fred Trask said...

Ms. C, if the unthinkable happens that's how I want to remember the boys this season.

JR, thanks for the kind words. There are some awesome shots from this game in my opinion.

FC, the puck is in both photos. (obviously click to "embiggen") In the first one the puck is behind Sanford and can be seen on the right thigh of Mantoba's #43 Dusty Collins.

In the second photo the puck is in the net. It's in the bottom of the "top third" of the net just about 1/2 way in.

I rarely post goal photos without a puck visible and sometimes it's a tough decision whether to circle it or not.

B2Bomber said...

Great photos as always Fred. I really love the "afterglow" photo. They boys worked their arses off last night.

beware the bear(ds) said...

I am speechless...the shot of the puck between the blocker and arm....HOW in the h... did you get that?

Your eye - trigger finger correlation must be superlative! And you look so deceptivly FAN -while being a real PRO when it comes down to the eyewitness shots.

Where in the world are the media's eyes.. can't they see that!

Anyway, just following in (rather belatedly) JR, Ms.C and the others 'wordsteps' ....delicious, ravishing, 'wanna blow them up' and hang them on the walls photos.....