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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts from last night; Media round-up

I think all the superlatives have been said already. That was an amazing game, and I'm pretty sure there are claw marks in the table on press row where I was sitting.

I needed every minute of those intermissions to gather my nerves and find my breath. I can't even imagine actually PLAYING that game.

Well done, boys. Amazing stuff. Keep it up. I cannot WAIT for Monday to see what happens.

And how great was it having Schultzie back? He made little (and sometimes big) plays nearly every shift that made a difference. Amazing stuff after having been out for a month. He's my super secret star of the night.

If Matt Climie isn't backing Turco up in Dallas next season, oh boy, is he gonna make the Aeros lives hell playing for the new Austin team. (BTW, if you want to keep tabs on the approach of their inaugural season, they have a decent Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/TexasStars) that's worth following if you are into the tweets and whatnot.)

Anyway, on to the media round-up. It was a night full of great quotes and even some great non-quotes from a very angry Manitoba coach.

From Houston:
Andrew's article for the Chronicle (plus video)
My article for PHN
John's article for the Press (coming soon)

From Winnipeg:
Post gamer from the Winnipeg Free Press
And finally, from the Winnipeg Sun


killerwhaletank said...

Crazy game!

Aeros outplayed the Moose for some of it, Moose outplayed the Aeros for some of it. Wild ride. Anything goes in game 6!

Jesse Schultz is definitely one of those guys that is great to watch... I know some folks on this side of the border were disappointed when he was scratched in games 1 and 2 because he played with us for a few years (3? 4? Can't remember now, I should look it up) and it would have been nice to see him play again. Too bad it's not in a Moose uniform anymore, but still. :) He's a good guy. I guess we'll get to see him on Monday. Tomas Mojzis is another former Moose, but we've been able to see him play.

Boy would I have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the Manitoba dressing room during the first and second intermissions. Arniel was not a happy camper (and rightly so).

But, I just gotta say... "Cliiiiii-mmmiiiiiiie" is gonna sound WAY better than "Aaaaaaaaan-toooon." ;)

beware the bear(ds) said...

It's been said, it's been done, everyone on cloud .. you choose your fav number. LOL

GO AEROS for number 6 and 7..... we're all the way behind you guys!