Houston Aeros 1994-2013: Thank you for all the great memories and two decades of great hockey and entertainment.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update from Winnipeg

Update: the Aeros will be scattered on various flights out of Canda tomorrow. Exit meetings are later this week and The Third Intermission hopes to have an official update from Tom Lynn later this week.....Stay tuned.


Forecheck said...

Would be nice to have a rally to thank the guys somewhere. City Hall or the Toy Box... please not one of the Aerodromes.

Al said...

Thank you to Tom Lynn for the staffing support throughout the year.

What will we look like next year?

beware the bear(s) said...

What about SLICE for a rally?

beware the bear(s) said...

The more I think about a rally, the better I like the idea..let's show the guys how much their heroic efforts meant to us EVEN IF Houston is not an icehockey city, or rather DESPITE that!
I don't know who to contact to get permission or ?... anyone out there knows? LETS DO IT!

Forecheck said...

Bears, I said no Aerodromes! Too small and too cheesy.

Strange suggestion of the day - Rally at Miller Outdoor Theater. Big and cheaper than the Toy Box.

beware the bear(s) said...

Wishful thinking, but alas... FC. I love Miller Theater for many reasons, and IF we could add an AEROS rally to that.. am all for it.
Maybe next season, would need to plan ahead and schedule it with the City parks department, which I believe runs Miller.
Anyway, enjoy reading your comments.. some of which are rather 'tongue in cheek'...but fun, too! Have a good summer.. albeit without the boyz on ice!