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Saturday, May 23, 2009

View from the Press Box - 22 May 2009

Here is the latest installment of "View from the Press Box" after Friday's 4-3 overtime win against Manitoba. This time we put the camera on a box rather than have a human being hold the camera for six minutes. Actually, that worked out better anyway because it allowed Heather to make faces at us the whole time.

To rehash the Aeros travel plans, they fly to Minneapolis this afternoon and then change for a flight to Fargo, ND. The team will then bus to Winnipeg from there, and Game 6 is Monday night. Should they win that one, Game 7 is Wednesday.


Ms. Conduct said...

Oh, I could have done SO much worse...

Forecheck said...

Actually, the third Moose goal could have been avoided if one of our guys could have just "accidentally" fallen on the puck, even if it meant taking a penalty.