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Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/10 - Aeros v. Stars

Much MUCH better showing by both teams tonight in the 2-1 shootout win for the Aeros. While Houston generally outshot the Stars the whole game, there were only brief stretches where the game actually felt lopsided.

Both goalies put on a clinic, turning away plenty of tough attempts, including in the eventual shootout. There were few "easy" shots in the shootout, and Khudobin in particular was absolutely oozing confidence the entire game.

And he knew he'd done something special with the final shot of the shootout, and his fist pumping celebration looked like this:

You might have gathered from our Twitter feed tonight that I was impressed with Cody Almond. He was a fantastic surprise. You hear guys are good in junior, but until you see them at the next level, it's tough to put much stock in that, but he was terrific in his first pro game tonight. Fantastic hockey sense, big time hustle, strong on the boards... great stuff.

Daoust is a little spitfire, too, though maybe a little too much fire (or is it too much spit?) tonight with an inopportune unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the tied game.

Personally, I feel better tonight. Last night's game left me unsettled. I wasn't happy with the goaltending. I wasn't happy with the "too little too late" compete level. It reminded me of frustrating teams of the past and I really came out of pre-season thinking they were a much better team than that.

And I just flat out hate being wrong.

But tonight I feel less off base with my general expectations for the team. Khudobin only made me wonder where the nearest defibrillator was one time, and in an hairy game like this one was, that's pretty good. His rebound control was greatly improved and he was calm and confident the whole way.

Moreover, he was just working his can off, which was a nice thing to see.

Okay, that's it from me. Video from John and Andrew, as well as write-ups are coming!


will l. said...

Definitely agree with you re: Almond. He did a lot of things right tonight. Also the little spit-fire. A bit surprised he got 2 for throwing one shove after getting cross-checked into the boards face-first, however.

What ever happened to Kalus? I remember Bruins fans crying a river when they gave up the guy for Manny Fernandez, but now...meh. I wouldn't be too upset if he went back to Europe again.

artandhockey said...

Well, Kalus does skate fast! But so do many others

Icevet said...

Most serious fans would admit that Khudobin's "oozing confidence" began early in the 2008-9 Playoffs and built over 17 difficult games to follow (Most minutes next to Neuwirth and Schneider, most shutouts next to Neuwirth, and very respectable 2.70 GA and .900+ Save Stats). His ability to adjust and improve, particularly on puck vision and rebound control, has been impressive. Barring injury, there is little doubt that he will emerge as the Aeros No. 1 netminder as the season progresses. Three cheers for Anton!!!

CatTrick said...

I've got to admit, as much as I'll miss Fred's photos, the stick figures don't suck at all - in fact, I LOVE 'em!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I'd MUCH rather have a great photo of Anton doing that marvelous celebratory fist pump than my shitty drawing. In fact, rewatching the game, I'm not sure he even went down on one knee like that, but hey, that's the inaccuracy you get without a proper photographer.

CatTrick said...

Ms. C., you'd rather have a great photo of Dimples doing just about anything!!! (except letting a puck get past him)...


Ms. Conduct said...

Haha... make that Brusty and you're right. Dimples... I only like him when he's winning. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the stick Anton well done.