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Friday, October 16, 2009

10/16 - Aeros v. Rampage

Man does it ever feel good to get a decisive win, especially against a team that had yet to lose a game in regulation and has two NHL teams feeding it prospects.

He wasn't included in the stars of the game but the Aeros got an awful lot of help from a flopping, diving, penalty-taking San Antonio goalie, Al Montoya.

At one point, Weller bumped into Montoya and Montoya dropped like he'd been shot and was face down on the ice, motionless for nearly a minute. The replay clearly showed that contact was minimal. It was an Oscar-worthy performance.

John will be on later with all the juicy details, but the final was 5-2 Aeros.


artandhockey said...

Lights - action, it's a take ;- D
BUT it was a fast paced exciting game, the team's jelling, the passing was so much better, too!

Forecheck said...

Keep the stick figures coming! So much room for editorial comment!

Forecheck said...

Here's one about as bad -


CatTrick said...

No disrespect to Fred, but the stick figures do capture the moment. Not only do they NOT SUCK, they totally ROCK!