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Saturday, October 24, 2009

10/24: Aeros v. Rampage

So far this season, the consensus among those of us tasked with coming up with a consensus is that this year's Aeros are a lot more like the Aeros of two seasons ago... Lots of heart, lots of defense, but not much offensive talent and not much ability to come back from a deficit.

Well, apparently this team does still have a little bit of that comeback mentality from last year. And without Corey Locke or Krys Kolanos or Matt Beaudoin doing the work.

Tonight The Man was Danny Irmen, as he tipped in the goal that got Aeros on the scoreboard when it looked like the team might be facing its second shutout in a row. And then he got credit for the overtime goal, though it was actually an own goal by a San Antonio player. Ooooops!

Why... thank you! You're too kind! It's PERFECT! You know, I... uh.... left your gift at home. I'm so sorry!

The jubilation (and seriously, if you didn't hear Joe O'Donnell's call of the goals, here's the first Irmen goal and the OT game winner) of the Aeros scoring 2 goals within seconds of each other in the closing minutes, and then getting the win are something to behold.

However... this was a hard game to watch for the first 55 minutes. Lots of the same problems as Wednesday (though I guess you could say that at least they ARE the same problems and not new ones). Bad passing, lots of shots but not really capitalizing on the best chances.

Credit to Dubielewicz, this was easily his best game as an Aero and it's good to see he can get through a game without a fluky goal (I kid... sort of). And from what I could see (though watching goalies is especially hard without the benefit of HD as they're often out of frame) he looked steady and calm the whole game, in spite of some pretty heinous turnovers.

However, San Antonio was not without fault, as they allowed both a 3 on 1 and a 4 on 1 rush at points in the game. But of course, the Aeros flubbed it and couldn't take advantage of those earlier gifts.

So the Aeros give a point to their rival, but take two into tomorrow's rematch at 3 p.m.

Other notes:
  • Russo is reporting via Twitter that Nathan Smith and Andy Hilbert have been reassigned back to Houston tonight. Might not be in time for tomorrow's game but certainly Tuesday's back here in Houston.
  • Lots of fights in this game but nobody really dominating any of them. Nice to see rookie Cody Almond offer up a good walloping, but I wish Gillies would give punches to the face a rest. Love the spirit but let's not break that nose again.
Sorry I'm not more stats-oriented as a long drought like the Aeros just had really lends itself to statsgeekery. But I missed the Tragically Hip concert to cover this game, so we'll all just have to make some sacrifices.

Andrew and maybe John(?) are heading to San Antonio to catch tomorrow's game in person. I will be at the opera for most of the game, and I think I heard Joe say the radio broadcast would be joined in progress, so I will make sure the boys have what they need to tweet the game for you. (UPDATE: No they're not, but Andrew says he'll try to get something written for the blog.)

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Forecheck said...

{{The jubilation }}

You mean Joe's voice cracking?

Love the win, but for the first 55 minutes it was painful to watch.