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Friday, October 30, 2009

10/29: Aeros v. Griffins

Here's some video from last night's powerhouse offensive performance by your Houston Aeros. I'm gonna say the first goal against was defensive failure, because I always blame D for back door goals ;)... the second, however, ugh. Stinker. But it's not like it matters because even one goal turned out to be too many.

Check it out:


artandhockey said...

Larsson, what talent!
Too bad for the guyz in green. Gritting teeth last night, ugh!
Maybe tonight will be better ;-)!!

captain Aaron Maiden said...

Tatar is good

ICEVET said...

Hopefully, the Griffins will go with Thomas McCollum tonight (larger physical profile at 6-2, 210 than Larsson....but not as quick).

Happened to be at the 10/18 game in San Antonio to see the Rampage hammer McCollum for 7 goals (out of 28 shots).....the last game of a road 3 on 3 for the Griffins.

artandhockey said...

T3I is going international with comment form Hungarian blogger! WOW.