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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buck sent to Florida

It appears the Aeros have sent another guy packing to some place where he can get playing time. This time it's Brandon Buck who is headed to the Everblades.

He is on an AHL/ECHL contract and I don't believe he ever dressed for the Aeros.


artandhockey said...

He was there after the pre season game to autograph stuff..
well, another one we'll see skate in Florida in January UNLESS recalled.

Anonymous said...

it is a shame you sign a player to a ahl contract (not 2 way) and not let him into a game dosent look good for organization as a whole

John Royal said...

Anon: I didn't know the team was obligated to play him. That must be something new. This kind of thing happens often in the minor leagues. I'm sure that Constantine saw plenty in practice.

I can tell that you want to bitch about the front office, but perhaps you should find something else about which to bitch.

Ms. Conduct said...

Actually, bitching about the FO is fine. They're adults and can take it. This just isn't the right post to do it.

The reality is that every team, in every league, at every level has to make decisions like this. They made the decision to place a young guy where he'll play enough minutes and get the pro experience he needs to advance.

Disappointing for Brandon, no doubt, but there's a goalie in Hershey who just got sent to the ECHL after letting in just one goal in two games at the AHL level. Hockey, like life, is very often not fair.

Frankly, he's blessed to have a contract. Plenty of good players are still looking for work right now.

artandhockey said...

Manny Legacy, for example, is on a PTO, YES indeed, afterall those yeras of experience. So some young whippersnapper should be happy he'll get experience anywhere.
Hockey is tough on almost everyone.
If it were up to me I'd suggest all kids have at least a 4 yr college education before thinking big league hockey to have something to fall back on, if it does not pan out. After all HOW many jobs as staff/coaches/etc. are there for Highschool level kids after washing out as professionals?
But then I'm an old 'foggie' who was told what one has stored in the brain is something no one can take away, 'thus spake my Father'