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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roster changes

Just to provide a quick update, as the Wild has made some moves that will affect the Aeros (though I make no claims as to the degree of effect).

As you might have heard, the Wild traded Craig Weller, a (college) prospect, and pick for Boston's Chuck Kobasew. This gets the Wild some help up front and drops Weller's $600k+ salary from the Aeros budget.

The Aeros don't get anything in return, but frankly, I don't feel like they lost a lot either. Weller was sent directly to Providence to play for the Bruins AHL team.

However, part of adding Kobasew is that they had to clear a roster spot for him, so they waived Jaime Sifers and he cleared waivers today. They can send him down to Houston any time now, and as you could see on Saturday night, another proven guy on defense for the Aeros wouldn't hurt matters one bit. (UPDATE: The team has sent Sifers down to Houston, per Russo.)

Also, to add to Andrew's post below about the Wolves, they fired their coaches yesterday, too. After not making the playoffs and starting the season with a string of losses, the organization felt like a fresh perspective behind the bench was warranted. Nobody's been hired yet.

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artandhockey said...

well, well weller underwhelmed in the games he did skate other than the one time he 'protected' the Scrapper' from a rambunctious foe LOL.
With Sifers may the defense show up more ;-)