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Thursday, October 7, 2010

27th out of 30?

The Hockey News came out with their AHL team rankings today and the Aeros did not fare well in the eyes of their AHL expert.

To Patrick's credit, I suspect this was written prior to all the business going down with Theodore being signed and Khudobin coming back to Houston once the Wild return from Finland.

I think Khudobin/Hackett is a stronger tandem than Hackett/Tordjman, but it's true that a lot does rest on this and it's not so big a difference as to negate his point. The Wild didn't exactly open the wallet to get the Aeros some top notch offensive help, so it will have to come from within.

And seeing how bad the Wild are thus far, I wouldn't be surprised to see them give some chances to guys down here who are playing well.

What do you think of the ranking? Fair or foul? How jacked for the season does that get you? :)


Chris Jerina said...

Just another reason to not follow Patrick Williams on twitter :)

I disagree more with the opinion of Milwaukee at #18 and overrating San Antonio and Grand Rapids.

Cant give much opinion on the East, much like I believe Mr. Williams is randomly guessing to some extent on that also.

artandhockey said...

I feel that The Rampage have a strong team this time around and will give good-perhaps 'evil' (;0) battle; OKCBarons mostly unproven, too early to tell and
Texas Stars...leached of their best they may lag behind!
Aeros & Yeo have their fight cut out, but seem to ready to go....not, perhaps, all the way, but at least to a respectable spot?
Wild seem injury plagued (like Aeros last season) and starting off on weak 'feet'=skates after a less than stellar last year and rusty (?) summer.

Forecheck said...

You're probably right about the goalie situation.

Another shocker was seeing Texas and Rockford so low. There must have been more turnover than I was aware of.

Agreed, Chris, on SA.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak much for the East either, but Hershey lost their top scorer for the past two seasons (Giroux), they lost their top playoff scorer (Bourque) and they lost the goalie they went with in the playoffs (Neuvirth). I realize they are perennially good, but the writer is a bit too enamored by them. And c'mon, Texas goes to the Calder Cup and he deposits them at 24? Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Has Irmen resurfaced anywhere? Will anybody take him?

Forecheck said...

After Game 1, I'm tempted to say "PFFFFFT!!!"