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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aeros call up Brock McBride

With Wellman and Gillies now on recall to Minnesota, the Aeros went fishing in the ECHL and found talented forward Brock McBride.

He has 22 AHL games under his belt, but he had a decent year with Alaska last season. Here is the link to his career stats.

And here is the ECHL Release for your reading pleasure:

The Elmira Jackals announced Thursday that they have loaned center Brock McBride to the AHL's Houston Aeros. McBride is tied for the ECHL lead with a five-game scoring streak to start the 2010-2011 season. The Cornwall, Ontario native has posted a goal and seven assists for eight points to tie for both the team lead and the fifth spot in the ECHL in scoring. McBride's assists total puts him into a dead heat for the league lead in that category.


Anonymous said...

A player from the "crappy" ECHL? Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

John Royal said...

@Anon. Players from the ECHL are necessary, and that's part of working their way up through the season. But what I don't understand is why people like you would prefer to watch a lesser form of a sport. To me, watching nothing but the ECHL, which some people around seem to advocate, is on the same level as watching nothing but class-A baseball or the NBA Developmental League. It might be interesting for a week, but I'd quickly lose interest because, stupid me, I actually want to watch the best players, and the best form of the sport each night. And frankly, if you want to kill off hockey in Houston forever, you'll kill off the AHL franchise and bring in the ECHL or the CHL.

artandhockey said...

@John Royal.
Better Half and I do enjoy these 'crappy' league games, when traveling and there is NO other option.
We go to NHL games occasionally!
But as a steady diet it's a bit too rich for our pocketbook. And sitting in the upper 'nosebleed' section without a telescope (lol) -there I agree with other commentors, it's a heck better to watch on the big screen at home with 'wine and snacks from our own larder' - lol!
Soon you'll be able to get NHL on your cell phone, for a fee of course!

BTW, IF there were no ECHL, WHL, CHL, etc .. how do YOU think all those hockey players could get their training and practice. Even the most dedicated and/or addicted player can't live on air - he needs money to survive.
It is the same with any career.. one has to have a training ground and someone has to pay for it!
Gotta be realistic, after all!