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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aeros limp out of lost weekend

My oh my, what a lost weekend of hockey for the home team.
Three games in three nights, three losses, and three games they deserved to lose.

Mike Yeo, after the game Sunday, said it's not just one thing. It's something different every night, but the glaring problem seems to be turnovers. I will be honest; I have not noticed them to the point where I should. I think I am too busy trying to rationalize why they can't score and why they have gone nowhere but downhill in every game since Game 1.

But that was Mike Yeo's comment ... cut down on the turnovers is a great place to start.

We also talked to Warren Peters tonight, and he is one of the veterans, along with Jon DiSalvatore and Max Noreau who seem to be just getting by through every game. Those guys are supposed to be reasons why the Aeros should be a tough team to beat. Instead, at least after the first three weeks, they are a big reason why they are in last place.

Is it completely fair to sing them out? Maybe not, but I think they know the team needs to turn things around, and it all starts with them.

Peters had some good comments following the team's 3-2 loss to Lake Cleveland ... or whatever they are called. Here they are:

"They made some adjustments, came out in the third period and executed. Their hard work, especially in our zone, resulted in goals.

There is only one way out. You can’t feel sorry for yourself, you can’t hope, you can’t ask for better fortune; you have to earn it. There is only one way out, and that is through hard work. We displayed that for the most part tonight. That may not be the case throughout the whole weekend, but right now it does not feel too good and you can’t put your head down. You have to forge along, especially when you still have 70-plus games to go."

There are 73 games to go, to be exact. And there is only one way to go from here.


Forecheck said...

1. Where is the Max Noreau slap shot that scored or set up so many goals in the past? No wonder they are 0-28 and 3% for the year.

2. What team in their right mind would not haul down any Aero that has a scoring chance, even a remote one?

3. The goal which broke the scoreless streak should not even have counted. Broda clearly cross-checked the defender before slipping the puck five hole.

4. We were a mess in front of our net before at least two of the goals scored against us. As bad as anything last season.

5. I'm singing.

6. What were they thinking in Minnysohta when they sent us this crappy team? That "they would at least play together"? We've heard that one before and it got us something like 63 points in Daum's last year. It's clear they don't care what happens here as long as the get a defenseman and goalie now and then. They will simply buy forwards, or what passes for forwards for them , on the open market.

7. A good ECHL team would be more entertaining than this "stuff". Remember the Wildcatters games? Fun. This, not.

8. Did Yeo really know what he was getting into? He gave up a pretty good NHL gig to come to this?

9. Time for a change in headware, as noted in my photo.

artandhockey said...

@FC you are right minor hockey can be a lot more fun to watch. Even IF the 'minors' are not really minor but older, LOL.

artandhockey said...

When I read the comments by Peters etal, why do I seem to hear an echo from last season?

And why does Almond fight, when he ought to score as predicted/touted when signed 2 years ago?

And, yes, I have too noticed that Noreau is much less visible?

I agree that Rogers had several
'roles' last season, earning him the sobriquet "The Rock" - as expressed by Royal and adopted by me.

Scandella seems to have taken on Noreau's mantle as the hard slap shooter!