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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Aeros On The Radio

The Aeros announced yesterday that their games will be returning, once again, to 1070. There will be 78 games on the radio this season, and nothing was mentioned about any of the games being joined in process, which happend on occasion last season.


Anonymous said...

I dream of the day when the Aeros broadcast will be on a station I can actually listen to. The signal for 1070 is so weak, it fades constantly.

BobbyR said...

To Anonymous - Do like I do, listen to 1070 over the Internet, that works really good. http://www.1070knth.com/ Just select the streaming audio "Listen Live" button.

Forecheck said...


Keep in mind that given the Aeros following in this town, what they must do is purchase radio time from a station and then recover the costs by selling advertising.

They aren't like the Astros or Texans who can make radio stations pay them for the rights to carry their games. the cash flow is the other way around.