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Saturday, October 2, 2010

And then there were 26

Trying to fix the ice Friday night
The Aeros announced that they cut 5 more guys from camp today: forwards Rylan Kaip, Michael Kennedy, Bobby Robins, defenseman J.F. David and goaltender Per-Olivier Pelletier.

Pelletier isn't a surprise since Jose Theodore is headed to Houston for the week. Wish there was more to say about the other guys but... they never even got a chance to show their stuff for coaches and fans. Stinks for them.

Getting close to a final roster, folks. Games start mattering in a week!


Forecheck said...

J. F. David - - of Wildcatter fame?

artandhockey said...

Kaip of the Ben Bishop Bend and somersault?

Forecheck said...

David did play one season for the 'Catters - 19 games

Chris said...

So why did the Aeros sign Kaip only to cut him before the start of the season?

Really liked his gritty play with Chicago last year, sucks to see IMO.

artandhockey said...

And I did like Kaip's gymnnastic abilities :-)

Cookie said...

Ah...I hate that J.F. was cut. We were looking forward to watching him play again. Fred, if/when we make a game over your way, remind me to tell you a funny story involving J.F. and the other "Frenchies".