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Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet Your 2010-11 Aeros: Jared Spurgeon

Jared Spurgeon

Born: 11/29/1989 (20)
Edmonton, Alberta
5'8" - 175

Shoots: Right

(WHL Championship Trophy Photo by Regan Bartel - http://reganbartel.blogspot.com/)

When I went to training camp during the first week of camp here, there was this small defenseman on the ice, #28, who caught my eye during one of the drills. It was some kind of backchecking drill and this 28 just looked like he was working his can off. He didn't always catch his guy but, my god, did he appear to be busting a gut trying to and that impressed me.

Now, sometimes a guy can look like he's working hard, but really he's just working inefficiently. So, I'm not sure what I was seeing exactly, but apparently the team saw enough in Spurgeon to sign him off of a tryout. He'd originally been a 6th round pick of the Islanders in the 2008 draft, but they didn't sign him.

I'm told he was quite the PP quarterback for the Spokane Chiefs and he definitely racked up some points (almost a point per game his final WHL season) to back that up. I think at the AHL level, sometimes smaller guys can pull off some slippery moves. They can hide in the weeds a little bit. We'll see what he can do. If his energy at camp is any indication, he'll be a fun guy to watch.

I asked a Spokane Chiefs fan I know on Twitter to gimme Spurgeon in 140 char: "Incredibly effective defenseman for his size, great leadership, exceptional hair." My Twitter friends know what's important.

Here's some good scouting video of him put together by his agent:


artandhockey said...

Spunky Spurgeon.. a match to The Scrapper, perhaps!

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, they have a matched set now....