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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time for another Sunday matinée

I wonder what the Aeros are REALLY thinking today as they get ready to not get shut out for a third straight game. As far as I know that has happened only one other time in franchise history ... and that team was good enough defensively to get into the playoffs.

That was a 1996-97 Aeros team that had some guy named Freddie Chabot. Yeah, he was pretty good.

The good news is the Aeros penalty kill is pretty good and they goaltending should be good enough to keep them in most games. But as others lamented publicly, there are just too many guys back from a team last year that just do have a natural scoring touch.

I see effort, I see more organization in the offensive zone and even less of four guys all bunched up around the puck. But like head coach Mike Yeo alluded to on Friday, there are still too many passes and not enough butts in front of the opposing goalie.

Today, the schedule favors the Monsters, who did not play last night and are not playing a third game in three days. If anything favors the Aeros today, it is the law of averages and the fact that this is the last game for the Monsters on a long road trip.

Those kind of games usually bode well for the desperate home team. (But, Lake Erie has lost five in a row ... maybe the law of averages is actually on their side today.)

Predictions are meaningless, but trends aren't. The Aeros have a slight edge today, and I say they squeak out of Toyota Center with their first home win of the season.

As for the big picture, I have said this numerous times ... good teams don't lose five in a row, especially early in the year when everyone is fresh and healthy. Playoff-bound teams usually avoid multiple losses in a row and they find a way to put together a couple of five-game winning streaks.

It's not panic time, but these guys better find a way to put the biscuit in the basket ... and fast.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should try to re-hire KK and others, whcih would please certain fans big time?

artandhockey said...

Not attending this afternoon game, will have plenty to sob over at Mma Butterfly who suicides at the end of the opera - just saying.

Forecheck said...

Arts -

You probably had more fun and less sobbing than those of us who were at the Toy Box.

Anonymous said...

Anton might be a good goalie for the most part, however, his habit of going behind the net cost the Aeros the game. He did the same thing several times last year. One has to learn after awhile or lose credibility for good.

B2Bomber said...

Well, you didn't miss a whole lot A&H. We did manage to score a couple of goals. I should buy a lotto ticket today. My prediction to my wife was that we would lose 3-2. (She said we'd lose 4-1.) I guess my prediction wasn't as negative as hers but was spot on.