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Monday, October 25, 2010

Try Harder. Execute Better.

I think John and Andrew said enough on Sunday's game. I'm not gonna say it feels like last year out there. I do think there's more chemistry. But I feel like the result is going to be the same if they don't find a way to take the tools they have demonstrated and put them all together into a cohesive game.

I definitely feel like it's too early to panic and yet after watching all this "almost" last season, it's hard to avoid the sinking feelings of "Oh no, we suck again!" Yeo stern warnings of putting last year behind us and not looking back just aren't sticking to my emotional wall.

And speaking of almost, I thought this post from Daryl Reaugh on his very amusing (to me anyway) blog rang true for this team. But maybe I'm a bitter old goalie, too. :)


artandhockey said...

sorry you missed the 1. where they scored :-).

Anonymous said...

Time to press the Hrkac button! Quick!

CenterIce said...

Hrkac would only be available after the end of the college season since he's a coach in his regular job. Without the Troy Ward connection, though, I'm not sure he'd be invited back. Hopefully he stayed in contact with his former teammate Darryl Sydor....

Of course, if we do get Bouchard for a rehab stint, that could be just what the Aeros' offense needs.

Ms. Conduct said...

Okay... did you guys SEE Hrkac play last season? He was not very good (and I'm being nice there). And it wasn't the crummy team around him that was the problem. He just didn't have it.

Along with Kolanos, I would put that fantasy to bed.

Agree on Bouchard though. He could provide a spark similar to what Foster provided back during "the good year."

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I disagree with Ms. Conduct, but not just because I want to be an ass. Depending on the timing, Bouchard could show up in the middle of a mess.

He will be here to get back into game shape and, at first, will be playing not to get hurt.

He did the same thing in the lockout year in the playoffs, and the Aeros lost three straight games at home after splitting the first two games in Rosemont.

While I think Bouchard is an exceptional talent, I do not see him putting up very good numbers here or providing any kind of spark.

We can only hope for three or four shootouts while he is here.

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm just looking for hope from someplace less stale than Tony Hrkac. :)

Forecheck said...

Also, we would only have PMB for a max of six games, probably less.

He would be a temporary fix. What we need is a solution to the (many) long-term problems this team has.

Word verification "angerer" as is in "The more I watch this team, the angerer I get".

Anonymous said...

Kirby Law? He rules!