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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aeros shoot down Stars 4-3

Someone suggested on the AHL Live chat tonight that the Aeros were playing better because they didn't want a miserable 3 hour bus ride home with this:

Whatever the case was, the Aeros got 'er done tonight with a 4-3 OT win over Texas.

They stuck to The Plan and came out in the first period hell bent for leather. Nate Prosser put the first point on the board with a PP goal from Palmer and Rau, and the team put 16 shots on goalie Richard Bachman to Texas' 5 in the first period.

Midway through the second, Gillies put the Aeros up by 2 on a nice rush with help from Wellman and Scandella. But the Stars scored late in the second, and finished the rally a little over a minute into the third, with goals from Morin and Sceviour respectively.

I'm reporting from the score sheet at this point because I had to leave for my hockey game (but here's a good in-person recap and another one), but Peters put the Aeros ahead of his former team again 6 minutes into the third (Buck and Gillies assisting) only to have Chupp tie it up with 5 minutes remaining.

In overtime, Fabian Brunnstrom gifted the Aeros with a high sticking call that put the good guys on a power play, and Cody Almond capitalized on it with just seconds left in the man advantage to get the win.

A personnel note: All the long-injured guys were in tonight. Zingoni made his season debut, and both Cuma and Rau were in as well.

The Aeros are now tied with Milwaukee for 4th place in the West division. Hard to complain about a road win, but it would be nice to get some "clean" wins and stop giving the loser point out to all these opponents and maybe widen whatever gaps there are.

Aeros are back at it on the road next Tuesday in OKC, and then home Friday for the Teddy Bear Toss game, always a fun time, assuming the home team scores before everyone gets antsy and things get awkward.


Forecheck said...

Great "stick" figure, and I agree with the chat room comment.

The Aeros came close , though, giving up some really bad goals late in the second and the third. They resembled too much the two goals they gave up Friday - - someone left totally unguarded right in front of Anton.

At least our D-men are equal opportunity hang-out-to-dry-ers. Maybe they just hate our goalies.

The bus trip home was probably OK, but video today will be a little ugly for some.

The Aeros earned four points this "weekend" but also gave up four to divisional opponents- - so no real progress.

artandhockey said...

Ah, there for one teensy weensy hopeful moment in this season's spirit perhaps.. but no.. the in-person-account was not artandhockeys!

Ms. Conduct said...

Ahh, see, that was Twitter winning. ;) I saw 100degreehockey's link to his write-up and threw it in here at the last second. Only read yours this morning, but I'll add it in. Good stuff there.

ICEVET said...

Your post highlighted the "debut" of Peter Zingoni. Perhaps, it is time to out the continuing futility of retaining this individual on the Aeros roster.

Those in attendance witnessed the following during last night's contest:

. Stars goal #1 scored on a power play as Mr. Zingoni sat in the sin bin on a holding penalty.

. Stars goal #2 scored on a power play as Mr. Zingoni sat in the sin bin on a(nother) holding penalty.

. Stars goal #3 scored on a 5-on-5 slot shot as Mr. Zingoni "attempted" to defend his space (laying on the ice) in front of Anton Kudobin.

Given that Mr. Zingoni had fewer minutes of ice time than any other Aero player, the damage he inflicted in the Aeros plan to win this game was truly enormous and nearly cost the Aeros the game. Most serious Aeros hockey fans view Mr.Zingoni as nothing but a liability to the team.

Mr. Zingoni's debacle at Cedar Park again raises relevant questions, with regard to the Aeros core young player development objectives:

. why is Mr. Zingoni still around (at his age) and what "talent" is there to develop in this player, who has such a history of injuries non-performance?

. why have the WILD and Aeros ceded a valuable roster slot to this player in lieu of a young player with considerable talent that can make a real difference
in the future?

With all due respect, this is not meant to be an attack on the persona of Mr. Zingoni, rather an attempt to understand why he was acquired in the first place and still lingers as an impediment to the Team.

Thank you so much for your rationalization of this situation.

Go Aeros!

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I think you have to give him a little bit of a break. The guy hasn't played a game of hockey in a REALLY long time. Sure, he's gonna be slow (hence the defensive penalties) and his timing is going to be off. He'll get up to speed quickly, or he won't play much, because there are certainly plenty of extras on this team right now.

I'll never get on a guy for laying down to block a shot. It's not always the best decision but it shows the guy is willing to sacrifice and that pays off in the long run.

I'm certainly no Zingoni apologist, but I'm sympathetic to his situation. He's been injured one way or another for a long time, starting early last season, before which time he was a solid contributor and in the Captaincy discussion early on.

But he hasn't had time to find his game again.

Now, I can only guess at why Mill likes him so much or why he re-signed him. I have my theories but they're pretty baseless and the prudent streak in my brain is telling me to shut up.

ICEVET said...

Thanks again for your frank assessment of Mr. Z.

IMO Mike Yeo and his staff have, thus far,done a superb job in cobbling together the talent of his young players into a team with character a competitive desire to win. Notwithstanding the high competitive bar of the Western Division, this team should continue to improve and may surprise AEROS fans in April.

Go Aeros!

CenterIce said...

You have to admire Zingoni's courage to block a shot when that is the very reason he's been on the injured list. He had a blood clot from blocking a shot at the end of last season. It sounded pretty horrific.

Also, he was a pretty smart offensive player, which is something the Aeros badly need this season!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

There is no question that Pete has as much heart as anyone. He will get a fair chance to prove he belongs. He needs to be ready to contribute when callups and injuries mount.

Forecheck said...

@centerice - Thanks, I was wondering how someone so young could get a disease like that.

Forecheck said...

@centerice - Thanks, I was wondering how someone so young could get a disease like that.