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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stick figures...

The clamor for stick figures has been growing, so I have good news. I just got a digital drawing tablet today, and it's pretty awesome. Should make stick figures a lot quicker to do.

Caveat though.... it doesn't make me more skillful, patient, or ambitious. Just faster and easier... *ahem* so they're still pretty awful. Which I guess was sorta the point in the first place. I still miss Fred's pics and I know you all do, too. :( And I'm still protesting. So there. Enjoy your ugly pictures.

Anyway, here's my re-creation of the Kassian-to-DiSalvatore goal today where poor Toivonen had no idea the puck had just skipped around the front of his pads. I'm still figuring out the tablet, so it should only get better from here. Or not. Today's win was nice, but the game itself wasn't particularly inspiring.

As one who follows Wild prospects in particular, and having spent the last few years hearing such glowing things about him from Wild fans who've seen him at camps or pre-season, it was great to FINALLY see Tyler Cuma with my own eyes.

Am I right that this was his pro debut today? Yep, apart from some pre-season games for Minnesota, it was. Here's to staying healthy and continuing to contribute on the blue line. I certainly liked what I saw today. He didn't look like a rookie who hasn't played a game in months.

Finally, some comments were made about the scouts. Houston had the only AHL game anywhere in the league today, so I imagine any scout in the region was in town because there was no place else to be. Don't think there's anything to read into it.

More of the same Rockford tomorrow. Here's hoping for some artistic inspiration one way or the other.


Forecheck said...

Hey , that's a pretty good stick figure!

And some thought you didn't like us any more.

For Christmas, maybe someone can get you the Finnish language pack....

Word verification "istru", which at least looks Finnish

Anonymous said...

American Folk Art?