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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When Goalies Attack...

I only saw parts of the game last night but Andrew did a good job of giving the big picture. He mentioned OKC goalie Jeff Deslauriers getting into it with Jon DiSalvatore.

When I was watching last night, I didn't see what lead up to it. I just happened to look at my screen and Deslauriers was beating the snot out of Sal with his blocker.

But then this morning, the Oilers posted highlights of the game as well as the fight itself, and frankly, what led up to it was not much of anything. It looks to me like DiSalvatore was just trying to squeeze past the goalie, not necessarily take him out.

Deslauriers definitely overreacted, but what's a goalie without the odd scrap or tantrum? No fun is what. JDD is a goalie I've liked since the Oilers tried to kill him last season by overplaying him as a rookie behind a god awful team. Definitely plays with emotion and some flair.

Thank goodness Matt Kassian has his number. Oh yeah, and I guess Robbie Earl does a little bit, too. You suppose those two late regulation goals got Earl in JDD's head a little bit for the shootout? I dunno.

Regardless, I got some rare road inspiration out of the scene, so here you go:

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Keep the stick figures coming, Ms - and don't get any ideas on the ice.