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Friday, April 22, 2011

Aeros sign Bulmer, Jobke

I haven't gotten real excited about reporting this because, honestly, I'm not sure we'll see these guys play unless the Aeros are hit with a rash of injuries.

But the Wild have signed LW Brett Bulmer to an entry level deal and he's joining the Aeros on an amateur tryout, along with D Colton Jobke.

Bulmer's still a wee tot at just 18 (though turning 19 next week) so he'd have to make the Wild next year to turn pro. I'd expect him to spend another year in junior. He's not a huge scorer but he's got a mean streak, so I kinda think they've got power forward (think Colton Gillies) designs on him. We'll see.

The Aeros also signed Jobke to an ATO. He's undrafted but the Wild like him and are keeping him in the bullpen, so to speak, while he comes up in juniors.

However, in an interview with your hero and mine, Kevin Falness, over at Wild HQ, Yeo basically said these guys aren't exactly locks for the playing roster. Sure, the AHL is a development league, but a good bunch of the guys on the current roster ARE developing and they're not going to sit a Nate Prosser or Casey Wellman in the playoffs for a kid fresh out of junior. (Should add, he wasn't that direct about it, but this is me reading between the lines.)

So, like I said, nothing to get excited about here -- unless you're one of those guys.

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artandhockey said...

So the Wild signed two kids that like to fight, just in case Kassian is going elsewhere after this season?
The new trend to an earthier Wild/Aeros hockey ;-)?
Jobke fight:
Bulmer fight:
may you find many eggs!