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Monday, April 18, 2011

Aeros Win 5-3, Go Up 3-0 On Peoria

Peoria had the 2-0 lead after one period, and the 3-2 lead after the second period. But the only score that counts is the score after the third period, and the Aeros scored three times in the third, including two goals from Colton Gillies, to get the 5-3 win.

The Aeros are up 3-0 in the series, and tomorrow night they go for the sweep.


ICEVET said...

A very impressive WIN and the second "come-from-behind" win in the last two games. The Team has continued to IMPROVE with each game in this series, in particular, controlling their PIMs.

After 3 games, the Aeros Team dominance over the Rivermen cannot be disputed:

. Goals.....12-6 advantage

. SOG.......107-67 advantage

. PIM.......29-49 advantage

Go Aeros!!!

B2Bomber said...

Exciting game for sure. This team is so amazing. I can't quite say why but when they were down 3-1 at one point I really wasn't worried. I knew they would pull it off.

Chris Jerina said...

Amazing note in that game is Peoria only had one shot in the 2nd Pd, which was Hensick's PP goal.

Good to see them able to fight back from being down 2-0 and 3-1 in the game.

SLBatPHN said...

BTW, Mr. Royal, I appreciate you using the "S" word. It wouldn't have meant the same coming from me.

Forecheck said...

Yeah, John, thanks for jinxing us tonight.....

Amazing when they go off the system, the get clobbered, they stick with the system, the outscore the Rivermen 5-1.

Also, why not a goal awarded near the end of the game for a penalty shot against an open net? Thought sure the ref signaled a face-off at center ice.

SLBatPHN said...

I think, at the end of the game, the reasoning was that there were offsetting penalties.

Personally, I was expecting a PS as well, but what do I know.

At one point during my live blog I said "Rivs get mugged at one end of the ice by Houston and then on the other end by the ref".

Officiating is what it is.

SLBatPHN said...

oh, I will say I liked how Gillies called the Houston system a "process" rather than a "play" or any other of those types of words.
I think that describes it, nicely.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah "process" is THE word with this team. Still not entirely sure what it encompasses but it works for them, so I'm not brave enough to try and figure it out.

Forecheck said...

Ms. - just remeber if they tell you what the system is, they will have to kill you ;) .

Ms. Conduct said...

Haha, yeah, I sorta don't want to know. Sometimes I just want things be magical. :)