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Friday, April 15, 2011

Another feel-good hockey story

This is a great read. I think we need to hear these kinds of stories as we settle down to follow our favorite teams for the playoffs.

Synopsis: boy with medical problem loves team. teams moves. boy wants to be in the city with his favorite team. No-luck parents have problems getting work and getting new house. Charlotte Checkers give family new house.

Sports are big-business and sometimes fans are the casualties of that business. But sometimes the "corporations" do tremendous good for the community.

Here's a big hats off to the Charlotte Checkers for this story.


Fred Trask said...

Don't forget the fans in Charlotte as well as all of the businesses that stepped out to Center Ice on this one too. Lots of bravo's to go around.

ICEVET said...

A wonderful story, involving many, but led by one "good person".

Michael Kahn is a "special owner" who has matched community involvement (as a NO. 1 priority) with winning on the ice.....and who can argue with his success in the Checker's inaugural AHL 2010-11season.

Where you find "good people", you normally find close relationships with other "good people", such as Peter Karmanos, owner of the 2006 Stanley Cup Carolina Hurricanes (formerly Hartford Whalers) who has done SO MUCH for youth hockey in the United States...1998 winner of the Lester Patrick Award for outstanding service to hockey.

Negotiation of a long-term affiliation agreement with Karmanos and the Hurricanes was the catalyst for Kahn to move the Rats to the Charlotte market and upgrade to an AHL franchise.

Go Aeros!!!

John Royal said...

I'm sure the people of Hartford would dispute your assertion of Peter Karmonos as a good person. I think he goes in the book of slime with the likes of Bud Adams, Art Modell, Robert Irsay, and Bud Selig.

artandhockey said...

@John Royal: Really must you always add "negative" comments.
If you can't say anything good, better keep mum!

This story was meant to show that people still care- fans, businesses, players, office staff and yes - even - 'owners' to help others in need.

@Andrew.. thanks for re-posting this story to show
that in this world of 'gimme, gimme' there are still people who volunteer to give freely and from the heart!