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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today Could Be The Most Important Day Of The Series

That title might be a bit melodramatic, but there is some truth to it. The Aeros played a very good game of hockey last night, getting over some early nerves before getting aggressive and dominating puck play.

Jed Ortmeyer told us after Sunday's game that some of the most important time during the playoffs comes between games. It's about the mental and physical recovery. About putting the last game behind you, not getting to high or too low, and getting in the mindset to go back out and play another game that, just happens to be the most important game you've played that season.

The hard thing, he said, is for the youngsters to realize that it's a best-of-seven series. If you win, you've still got three more wins to get. If you lose, well, you're still good, unless it's game seven.

That said, the Aeros are on the plus side because they got that game one win last night. They're in the driver's seat for this series. And now it's important to make sure they stay there. Which means that they cannot allow Peoria to accomplish it's main goal of these first two games, and that's getting a split.

"“We talked about that,” Ortmeyer said. “When you’re a road team, their goal is to come in here and get a split. And that’s a win for them, especially having three in a row at a home. But for us, we can enjoy this game, but we have to come to work tomorrow and be focused. We have to have a better start, and play with the same intensity and same discipline that we played tonight and make sure that that game on [Friday] is a turning point for this series, for sure, going in there for three. We’ve got to be focused and ready.”

Mike Yeo also spoke about the importance of denying Peoria the split, but I'm going to make you go over to the Press to read that. Needless to say, Peoria is gearing up for tomorrow, and their aim is going to be doing anything possible to get a win so as to gain the advantage going back to Peoria.

So that brings us to today. And how the Aeros adjust to last night and prepare for today. There are some veteran guys in the Aeros locker room. Guys who have been through this before. So let's see if they can guide the team through this minefield.


ICEVET said...

Aeros fans immediately think of O'Sullivan, Ortmeyer, and DiSalvatore as the VETERANS in the locker room.

However, few fans think about Warren Peters, who is the only current Aero who has played in a Calder Cup Final series (Hershey-2010), on-ice for all 23 games (`10pts) during the Texas Stars "cinderella-season run"...and a most reliable face-off specialist who fit very well with the talented cast on that Team.

Getting the first goal last night (and almost a second) showed that Peters is focused and ready for another run at the Cup with another "special team".

Go Aeros!!!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Could not agree more. Just a perfect example of why the Aeros should be the favorite to win this series'; he's on the third line!

Ask Jim Mill why he signed him, and he'll point you to last night's game.

THAT's why.