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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unfinished Business: 2011-2012

The Aeros are calling this season "Unfinished Business." So I guess that tells you what they're aiming for. There are a lot of changes to the team, new coach, new coaching staff, new players, and we'll get into all of that later on, but the big news is that we finally have a schedule.

The season opens at home on Sunday, October 9, when the Aeros host the Chicago Wolves at 5:05. That's one thing you'll notice, lots of Sunday games, which might cause some problems for those of you happen to be football fans as the Aeros are playing nine games at home on Sunday during the NFL regular season. Plus some Sunday games during the playoffs, and they're also playing a home game on Super Bowl Sunday. The good news is that we don't have to worry about any team from Texas making the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl Sunday game is at noon, so you'll only miss about five hours of the pregame show and not the game itself.

There's some really good news about the schedule. Most of the home games are on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. There are seven games on a non-Friday weekday, including the annual kiddie game in early December and a Monday game on the day after Christmas. And as always, they'll have a game at home on the Friday after Thanksgiving as well as a game on New Year's Day, so don't party too hard on New Year's Eve.

And the Aeros only have nine10 three-in-threes this season.

The one troubling aspect of the schedule, to me at least, is that the Aeros have an 11-game road trip in February/March that will see them away from Toyota Center for a month. They have three home games at the first of February, then they're gone from February 7 until March 10. Four of those games will be up at Abbottsford, which they'll visit for two games midway through the road trip and then again for the final two games of the road trip. They'll play Grand Rapids twice on the trip, the Stars twice, and the Ads, Wolves, and Rampage once each.

But of the Aeros last 10 games, seven will be at home. So if the team can survive that road trip in good shape, then they're in a good position to cement a playoff spot. So there you go.

Look the schedule over and give us your thoughts.


BobbyR said...

There are 10 3in3's on the schedule. (1.) Oct 14, 15, 16; (2.) Oct 21, 22, 23; (3) Oct 28, 29, 30; (4.) Nov 18, 19, 20; (5.) Dec 16, 17, 18; (6.) Jan 20, 21, 22; (7.) Mar 16, 17, 18; (8) Mar 23, 24, 25; (9.) Apr 6, 7, 8 and (10.) Apr 13, 14, 15.

John Royal said...

Thanks. I originally counted 10. Then did a recount and came up with 9. I should have tried again.

Anonymous said...

A month away from Toyota Center? Any other teams have to be on the road for a stretch like that? It's hard to imagine not going to a hockey game for a whole month once the season starts.

Forecheck said...

I remember the leagues saying that the reduction in games to 76 would eliminate the need for three-in-threes. I thought it was BS then and certainly turned out to be. But at least there are no more 4-in-fives.

I seem to recall a certain real hockey league that plays 82 games without ANY three-in-threes and has done so for years.

Ans yes, four weeks without a home game is rather rough.

Chris Jerina said...

Nice (for Houston based fans) that there isn't another cluster* attempt by the Wild to have an Aeros game in Minnesota this season.

Personally disappointed that one of the games in Chicago is a weekday afternoon, although it makes tons more sense than when they had it against Milwaukee.

Fred Trask said...

They usually wait and spring that on the fans just before the game Chris. then they reschedule it after you've had a chance to make your travel plans. Keeps the FAN in the game don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Plan your own travels during that roadtrip time if possible so not to miss a game at the TC ;-)!

Forecheck said...

@Chris -

They can always reschedule a TC game later for the Excel center.

Though only on kiddie game this year, unfortunately a Good Friday home game has crept back into the schedule.