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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aeros add McKenzie and Nolan to depleted roster

Oh hey! First off, apologies (though not terribly sincere) for not posting anything about the Aeros 0-4 white washing by the Marlies on Saturday. That was gross and frankly, I couldn't bring myself to rehash it here.

What happens in Toronto stays in Toronto. That cool with you guys?

But tonight, the team gets to move on from that ugliness to battle the Rampage on their home turf. Andrew predicted a 3-1 loss, but I'm not sure what to think. I do think this game could easily be an"overlooked" one. I don't get the sense that there's been an opportunity to hit the reset button. But then again, SA isn't very good, so this could be one the Aeros sneak by in.

But who knows. At least they're getting some help in the form of a new forward and a backup goalie (Hackett is still with the Wild, who play in San Jose tonight).

The first is Mike McKenzie, who is the son of well-respected TSN hockey writer Bob McKenzie. I've followed Mike on Twitter for a long time now and he seems like a good kid. And he's been a good soldier for the Everblades and Charlotte.

Russo is reporting that McKenzie has signed a 2 way AHL contract with the Aeros, so it appears he might be with them for the long haul.

The other is Rob Nolan, who has been in the cage for ECHL Chicago Express this season. It sounds like Backstrom is on the mend, though, so I anticipate Hackett being ready to go by Thursday or Friday, and I doubt we'll see Nolan play.

Anyway, we'll see how Andrew's prediction goes tonight against the sub .500 Rampage, and then it's the always-zany kids day game on Thursday. As Brusty told me once, something crazy ALWAYS happens in those games. It's a can't-miss game for me. Hope some of you folks can sneak out of work to catch it, too.


ICEVET said...

The Yeo Legacy continues to roll with a great win over the Sharks...so far, it looks like Fletcher and Yeo got the best of the off-season trade(s) with the Sharks.

Kudos to Hackett for his sterling inaugural performance...could be with the WILD, more or less, the rest of the season, with Josh Harding's continuing battle with injuries. In hindsight, Endras should have been more patient.

It is rather inspiring to see how, in short order, Yeo has ignited and driven a big-time turnaround in a mediocre WILD hockey organization, whose teams now rank in the ELITE of their league competition.

Go Aeros!!!

Anonymous said...

I was proud of Hackett...he looked great! However I do hope Harding isn't badly hurt. He has had more than his share of injuries and I'd like to see him be able to continue playing on a regular basis and make his mark with the team. Matt's time will come.

alw02 said...

Tues at San Antonio the Aeros were looking like a team. They were completing passes on purpose, holding their positions and passing to where players were supposed to be and they were there.

It was a totally different look from what we have seen so far this year.

Winning at San Antonio did not look hard though.

Forecheck said...

What got into the guys Tuesday night? Bottle it for later use, whatever it was. Did anyone check and see if their backsides got a little "Torched" in practice Monday?