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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aeros Lose 2-1 (Again) In Shootout (Again)

We'll put some quotes up later, but...The Aeros lost to the Barons this afternoon by the score of 2-1. The Barons scored in the second period, and it looked like another home loss for the Aeros until Jarod Palmer got a wraparound with 2:00 left in the third to tie it.

Neither team scored in OT, which means the shootout. And the Aeros are awful in the shootout. The Aeros actually scored once in the shootout, and it was Warren Peters getting the puck in the net. But nobody else had any luck and the Aeros got the loss.

For a day game, it was kind of quiet. The kids seemed to be at a lower pitch -- I didn't even wear my ear plugs in the third period. And neither team, to me, seemed to have any energy. So can we please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please stop these damn kiddie games, especially after most of them had left the arena before the third period was over.

With the shootout loss, the Aeros move to 14-4-2-5 (35 points) for the season, and as of right now, they're tied with the Barons for first place.

The Aeros return to action tomorrow night when they take on the Rampage at Toyota Center at 7:35.

P.S.: Jeff Taffe was unavailable today because he's been called up to the Wild, and if Cal Clutterbuck can't go for the Wild tonight, then Taffe might end up getting some action. And David McIntyre and Jed Ortmeyer are still aways from returning to action.


Forecheck said...

OK, where was that team that put up a six-spot on the Rampage Tuesday night?

This team put little real pressure on the opposing net, tried repeatedly to pass to nobody or through the skates of the defenders (hint, neither seem to work, so cut it out), and hit a player with their shots about as often as the net (usually into the goalie's mid-section). Not to mention the insufferably weak power play.

No wonder the kids were "quiet".

Oh, wait, this was a HOME game. It was just like the previous two home games.

At least Darcy continued to shine, and worth more like a first or second star than a third.

San Antonio isn't really that bad, are they? If so, we should play them at our next home game, and as soon as possible!

steve said...

did anyone else think the "diving" penalty was a little dumb? Also the roughing penalty we got after OKC hit our guy down head-first into the boards

Not an excuse for the whole game, but it contributed

There was one play right towards the end of the OT period that I think would have won it for us, but we missed the last pass right in front of the net.

Ms. Conduct said...

Both that penalty and that missed call were a LOT dumb, IMO. Looked like a completely legit trip to me, and I didn't see anything "embellished" about it. No flailing arms or anything. He just went down like a redwood.
And that was a dangerous hit on Broda. He's lucky his noggin didn't get dinged up as it hit the dasher. And even though they scored on that retaliation penalty, Broda was right to stand up for himself.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

You are right. We all thought both of those were bad calls. But, the Aeros PP was atrocious, and Hebert gave the Aeros many chances to take control of the game.

As for the plays in OT, Aeros captain Jon DiSalvatore turned over the puck twice in the closing moments that negated two good scoring chances.

I bet (hope) that came up in the players only meeting after the game. Jon is a stand-up guy, and it will be real nice to see how the team responds to the game yesterday.

They are 4-8 at home, and that has to change.

steve said...

Yes, I can not wrap my head around our weak power play.

I don't follow the Wild very closely. Any word on if we will be getting some players back in the near future?

Ms. Conduct said...

I've seen no indication of getting anyone back. If Clutterbuck can get over his thigh problem, then maybe Taffe comes back, but that's about it. In goal, it looks like Backstrom is getting close, but no idea where Harding is at. I wouldn't hold my breath.