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Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Prodigal Sons Return

It's a Christmas Miracle...the Wild have reassigned Jed Ortmeyer and Jeff Taffe to the Aeros.  This means that a) either the Wild are actually getting healthy, or b) they're going to try some different Aeros next week.

Aeros return to action on Monday night when they host San Antonio at 7:05.


INFisher said...

Huzzah! It's a festivus miracle!

Forecheck said...

Hmmm...the prodigal son is hardly a positive role model. It's a story about audacious forgiveness for someone who brought immeasurable shame on his family in an honor-based culture.

Anyway, I'm glad to have thenm back as are we all.

Keeping fingers crossed we don't loose say Macker and Cody in return.

Ms. Conduct said...

They just don't wanna pay them NHL money for the Christmas break, right?

artandhockey said...

Merry Christmas!