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Saturday, February 25, 2012

3-2 loss to Texas + a small trade and a huge trade

The Aeros lost 3-2 to the Stars tonight, with 4 of the goals (2 each) scored on the power play. Talk about special teams being the difference, eh?

On the up side, the Aeros outshot the Stars 41-33, but I guess goalie Beskoworany was the best-korowany he could be tonight! (Sorry, that was terrible.)

Also, Kuemper finally got to start because Hackett is still up in Minnesota. In fact, Hack got in tonight's Wild game up in Dallas after Nik Backstrom wasn't getting it done and allowed 3 goals by early in the second period. I had a feeling they should have started Hackett, who closed the door the rest of the way, but what do I know about goaltending, right? ;)

The Aeros played with a full roster tonight, so no excuses re: the short bench, other than they had to play 7 defensemen, including newest Aero Benn Olson (wearing #2).

Olson dukes it out for the Everblades. Photo by Brian Tietz
The team traded "future considerations" for him today with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. He's a big dude, and a fighter, and... that's about it. I'm sure he's a very nice guy, but I'm not sure of the point of the trade. The team has plenty of grit and defensemen already.

Also, McMillan was sent down and returned to the line-up.

More good news (look how sunshiny everything really is if you ignore the bad stuff!) is that the Wild traded Grumpy McFumblepuck, er, I mean Marek Zidlicky today for FIVE dudes! Okay, 3 dudes (Kurtis Foster, Stephan Veilleux, and Nick Palmieri) and two picks.

Three dudes suddenly on the roster is a big deal both in Minnesota and here in Houston. Currently, all 3 are going to the Wild (at least their equipment manager has tweeted what their jersey numbers will be), which means the Aeros should get back one or two of Ortmeyer, Rau, or Peters.

Love love love the trade for what it does at both ends of the organization. I'm not sure it changes the trajectory for either team but they'll at least both hopefully finish out the season with some dignity.

Looking ahead: Aeros play Stars again tomorrow night. Yay. Monday is the NHL trade deadline so more deals could be on the horizon, though this one today, at least in terms of unloading Zidlicky, was almost inevitable.

Then, teams can make AHL moves until March 5 at 3 p.m. when they have to submit their Clear Day Rosters. And after that, there's your team for the remainder of the season except in case of injuries or emergencies or "injuries" or "emergencies."

Wish I could say "see you soon!" right here but still 2 more weeks before the boys are home again. Is anybody up in Austin this weekend for the games? Or going to San Antonio next weekend?

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artandhockey said...

so they hired back Foster.. good. ANd Stephane Veilleux (did I miss and i somewhere in the last name?).. also good.