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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tony Hrkac Update

Every now and then we like to check up on former Aeros, and today we're checking up on Tony Hrkac, one of the unexpected heros of the 2009 playoff run. Hrkac came out of retirement -- and a new career as college coach -- to join the roster at the tail end of that season.

News comes today that Hrkac no longer has to worry about that career as a head coach as he was dismissed from his job as head coach of Concordia. That frees him up, however, to join the Aeros roster. And with the way the Wild are going through Aeros players left and right, it's possible that he could still end up as the Wild's leading scorer this season (that was said with tongue firmly in cheek. Please use your own sarcasm font) .

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Forecheck said...

He's not any worse than the CHLers we will be calling up after the Wild call up our ECHLers.