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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Almond signs in Switzerland; Rau, Genoway re-signed

The first big(ish) roster change for the Aeros dropped this morning with the news that Cody Almond has signed to play for Servete in Geneva (Swiss League) next season through 2015.

He is a restricted free agent, so the Wild could have re-signed him, but it appears that won't be happening. If the Wild had no intention of re-signing him, I'm surprised they didn't try and trade him. Maybe they did and couldn't find a taker. I don't want to speculate much as I'm sure we'll get more word on the thinking behind it shortly (and I'll update here).

Personally, I'm a little surprised, but not a whole lot. Almond showed a ton of promise during Constantine's last season, but hasn't looked the same since. I don't know if it's a system issue or what.

Seems a lot of guys are opting for Europe over the AHL lately. Money is better, travel is better, fewer games on the schedule, the hockey is less physical. It's kind of a "make hay while the sun shines" and live someplace interesting (Geneva would not suck at all, I feel sure) mentality that's hard to argue with if your path to the NHL seems to be getting muddier instead of clearer as you get older.

Time to get the ol' movement tracker started in the sidebar of the blog. Tis the season, and probably a lot more to come in the next few weeks.

Also, brief update to note that Chad Rau and Chay Genoway were re-signed by the Wild as expected.


B2 said...

Good news for Cody, bad news for the fans. I expect more of this during the summer and so should the fan base. We're dealing with a minor league team and players who need to make money while their young and healthy.

On a side note....I'll be back next season...well, at least for 25games. I got a father's day present ($) from my mother. She wanted Robyn and I to get back to Aeros hockey. It was enough to pay for the 25 game package and parking.....so see you at most the games next season anyway.

Ms. Conduct said...

So glad you get to be back for most of the games next year! Yay Mom!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would throw in what Russo had to say about the whole Almond deal (I assume he's accurate about the situation):

"Cody Almond has signed through 2015 in Geneva with Servette of the Swiss League. The Wild brass was miffed. He's never been on waivers and they think if he didn't make the team this fall, as a 22-year-old, 6-3 center, he would have been claimed by another NHL team. Hopefully it works out for Almond. Good kid."

Hope everything works out for him!

Glad to see Rau back this next year!

Forecheck said...

I'm not really surprised about Almond. His game seemed a little off this season, maybe a tour of duty in Eeurope will get him back on track.

The biggest problem with playing in Europe is the cost of living, especially housing (which can be of lower quality than North American standards), and of course the taxes are just plain crazy.

Silly season is just starting, guys - and I can see a scenario where we only get maybe eight or nine guys back.

artandhockey said...

But the scenery IF one likes such, is stunning.. and the trip opportunities to see more of Europe in short time, have to be a BIG draw.
Yes, housing is - perhaps (and that is a BIG perhaps) - a bit less modern, but with the kind of $ they make they can find equivalent apartments.
So I say, good for any player who wants to experience Europe. Of course, soem contries may not provide those luxuries, as say Switzerland, Germany can offer...

B2 said...

Any comments on the Wild draftees?

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, gonna put something together soon. Under the weather this weekend, so naps are taking priority.

Anonymous said...

I live in Italy 90% my time and Switzerland 10% my time, so I can add taxes are about 50% in Italy and 24% in Switzerland. Swiss apartments are usually high level specially in a well city as Geneve where Cody will be (Geneve is a multihetnic town near wonderful lake and mounts, and it's where the ONU organisation is located)... swiss standards are high level much more as in Italy. Not problem the price for an Hockey player because usually a not swiss Player gets an apartment and a car for free by the Hockey organisation. You are right, Forecheck, for few games and short travels (50 games for the regular season and maximun 4 hours by bus) but the games are now more harder than any years ago, I would like to tell you more than ten years ago.
Take care you all and have a new great season in Houston with the Aeros!
Pino - HC Ambrì Piotta fan

Joe said...

Glad to see Genoway resigned. I like the way this kid plays. I'm willing to bet he gets called up quite a bit more this coming season.

Rau was great in the 2010-11 season. Seemed to be a little off last season, but glad to see he resigned, too.

Pino said...

I have to add something to my last opinion about swiss living. Shopping is rather expensive if you fix your attention over the quality... your vallet is soon empty while you get foods, specially good and natural foods... and taxes for health are very very high, services are high level anyway. I suppose Cody Almond is in a great town, the best in Swetzerland for a Player used in american standards, my wiew.

icemaiden013 said...

You forgot the beer and chocolate is better ;) I do agree though Almond has looked better on the ice, maybe the Swiss will bring back his old self!