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Monday, June 11, 2012

Norfolk wins the Calder Cup

The Norfolk Admirals just swept through the Toronto Marlies in such a way that there was never any question as to who deserved the cup.

What that team accomplished this season was nothing short of jaw-dropping. They were a machine, and they were the best team in 2011-12, and because of their 28-game winning streak - or whatever it got up to - they will go down as one of the most impressive puck units in hockey history.

On the Aeros front, all is quiet and the LA Kings are still trying to secure their first Stanley Cup. Boy, they sure did look nervous in Game 5.

The off-season for hockey is just about here.
October is no where to be seen in this 106-degree heat index.

Until later, enjoy your summer.


B2B said...

Thanks for the update. The Kings fed off the chumming (non) penalty that led to the 5 min boarding major. Maybe the Devils had a chance up 'til then. Who knows. I was hoping for a game seven just because they're a bit magical. Have a great summer. I lurk here at least once a day to see if there's anything new.

Forecheck said...
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Forecheck said...
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Ms. Conduct said...

Actually, that goal won them game 3. It was a major screw up by the officials (which the AHL acknowledged, impressively), but the Ads were going to crush them like bugs anyway, and did win game 4 handily.

Forecheck said...

It's been a rough day, folks - let's try the post again (maybe I should just go to bed, but I would probably just mess that up, too...).

One point on the CC finals - the goal which Norfolk won game 3 in OT should not have counted.

For those who did not follow the series on CBS Sports Network, Norfolk dumped the puck in and in true Toyota Center fashion, the puck hit a stanchion and trickled in off the far post before the goalie (who lost sight of the puck) or a diving defender could stop it.

Only problem is, Norfolk was offside since a NorAd player who was caught in the Toronto zone was coasting to his bench on the dump in failed to get to the neutral zone in time.

Speaking of blown calls, this edition of the Stanley Cup playoffs was one of the worst officiated in recent memory. Not all games nor all series even, but plenty of bad officiating around - Game six Monday night a prime example.

It shouldn't be surprising, since when you look at who is left in the NHL officiating crew, it's a lot of familiar names - familiar because they were incapable of properly officiating AHL games.

Can we get Stewie out of retirement?

artandhockey said...

Am happy the Kings won. Qucik getting the Smythe Con also was well earned

ICEVET said...

With the Stanley Cup in the rear-view mirror, chatter may begin, shortly, about the potential of an NBA-type "short" (2012-13) season, at the NHL Level, driven by an owners' lockout in negotiating the new players CBA.

What are the thoughts of your TRIMVIRATE on the probability of this happening and how this might impact the structure/content of the Aeros opening-night roster?

Also...in the absence of any conflicting reports, I assume that the Aeros Coaching Staff will return intact...any thoughts?

Have a great summer!

Pino said...

I have watched at some games from Italy by night... for I like to observe the coaching in playing the game, I have appreciated specially Capitals at Rangers and Devils at Rangers. At last good for the dominant Kings, I was rooting for Mike Richards and Jeff Carter I appreciate from when they won the CC with the Phantoms.
Hey, have Carter and Richards drunk any cocktails prosit to the Flyers' head coach?