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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aeros Lose In Shoot Out To Griffins

The Aeros have got this whole come-from-behind-in-the-third-period thing down to a science. They did it on all three games of this weekend's three-in-three, but got the win only once, on Saturday night.

Tonight, down 1-0 to the Griffins late in the third, they tied the game and sent it to OT. Then they were on the power play at the end of the OT, and couldn't score. And despite have some fantastic shot opportunities in the shoot out, they couldn't get the puck into the net while Matt Hackett was beat twice, giving the Griffins the 2-1 (SO) win.

Both teams were playing the final game of a three-in-three, and it showed. But Hackett played a hell of a game, keeping the Aeros in the action while the Aeros had numerous opportunities to score but had difficult times getting the puck in the net.

And getting the puck in the net is probably going to be a bit of a problem for the Aeros for the foreseeable future seeing as how the team's top goal scorers are injured. John Torchetti says the guys are just going to have the play the system and get used to tight games.

By the way, there is no timetable for the return of Mikael Granlund, though Torchetti did say that the injury wasn't as bad as they feared.

An injured Jason Zucker limps off of the ice at the end of overtime.

Zack Phillips misses just wide in the shootout.

Matt Hackett with a shootout stop.

Justin Fontaine tries to go five hole but the shot is stopped.

And here is the shoot out game winner for the Griffins.


Forecheck said...

This game was a prime example of why the AHL needs to abandon their ridiculous practice of forcing teams to play three game in three days, especially with interstate travel ( a six to seven hour bus ride) in between. The Aeros only had about ten minutes of good hockey in them. The next 45 minutes consisted primarily of the Aeros passing directly into the skates or sticks of Griffins players, making feeble clearing attempts (generally right to the Griffins, or only traveling five or six feet). After the Rau goal (about the only player with any sort legs tonight), they were hanging on for dear life almost entirely in their own end. Matt Hackett should have a large star pinned on him – he was the main reason the Aeros got a point today.

I absolutely hope there were no first timers at the game tonight. After watching 2 ½ hours of largely boring, ineffective play by a totally gassed team, I wouldn't blame them if they never game back.

My hat goes off to the AHL scheduling department for doing such a wonderful job of promoting hockey in Houston.

View from afar said...

Totally agree with this comment. These are young men, adults that are in great shape for the most part but 3 in 3? Even squirts and peewees,when they are playing in a weekend tournament, maybe 3 or 4 games in 3 days struggle and these little guys don't have to play the physical game the AHL guys do. It really is not fair for us in the paying public.

artandhockey said...

So it's not fair to the paying public?
Get over it, you do NOT, repeat, do not have to buy tickets.

Although.... the players/unions/owners may want you to, after all they do want their commensurate salaries.
So enjoy an evening of win or loose entertainment.