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Friday, November 30, 2012

Aeros take down Barons in a shootout, win 2-1

For the third time in four games, the Aeros have earned two points against the AHL's NHL Edmonton Barons. Offensively, that team has lived up to the hype this season, but they leave a lot on the other side, and that was quite evident in Thursday's showdown.

Photo by Morris Molina - Houston Aeros
The Aeros won the game, 2-1, winning their four straight game and improving to 3-1 against the Barons this season. In the linked story above, Aeros captain Drew Bagnall talks about how the team played with a physical purpose, taking away the time and space for the OKC superstars. It worked, and if the Aeros power play had done anything at all, it could have kept the Barons for getting an overtime point.

The rematch is tonight at 7:05 at Toyota Center. There is not reason to believe it won't be a Matt Hackett vs. Yann Danis rematch. Both were very good Thursday night.

The Aeros had many, many opportunities to take at least a 3-0 lead in the first 10 minutes, but Danis was up to the task.

Palmieri's regulation goal was just a sick wrister after basically undressing the much heralded Justin Schultz. The pass from Fontaine was just as sweet, too. Fontaine fakes a dump-in and then whips a pass over to Palmieri, who finishes it off early in the sixth minute.

Here is a replay of Palmieri's fifth goal of the 2012-13 season:


What a goal ... but Schultz got the next laugh about six minutes later when he caught a couple of Aeros watching him instead of trying to get the puck.

It was a great shot, but it was mostly uncontested. Schultz just danced around Phillips and then blew by Josh Caron, who got caught watching the future super star.It's hard to fault either one of them here. Phillips fell, got up and then had to chance Schultz all over the place. And Caron probably takes a penalty if he gets in the way. Either way, it was a good play by the Barons to tie the game.

Here is a good look at the Schultz goal, his 100th of the season ; )


The rest of the game was a battle of the PKs and goaltenders. And that lasted until the shootout when the Aeros were able to get three past Danis in six tries. Foucault with the game winner, and now the Aeros are one of just five teams in the west with at least a .600 winning percentage.

For me, without two of their studs, the Aeros are playing much, much better defensively and are making things work with a very weak home power play.

It's kind of hard to imaging that the Aeros sweep the Barons this weekend, but a big win would give them five straight wins before a six-day break.

What stood out for you? I really like Fontaine's game right now, and even though his points are tailing off, Charlie Coyle looks like a future, steady NHLer.


Ms. Conduct said...

Coach and Bags were both great last night and I plan to post their interviews in a little while. Definitely one of those nights where it bummed me out to only have 10" in the paper.

Anonymous said...

As much as I've ragged them earlier, with the exception of maybe 7-8 minutes they played an outstanding game against basically an nhl caliber team.
Considering two top scorers and two top pk and experienced leaders really looked good.

Go Aeros

Forecheck said...

First, there was certainly enough brass at the game. Mill was there, and Yeosy was so busy talking on his cell phone he nearly ran me over when he realized he missed the door he wanted to go in to get to their box and changed directions suddenly.

The game was a mixed bag. The Aeros were good defensively – sometimes. On the goal they gave up there was no defense. Or goaltending. Just who is this Schultz kid, and is it true what I heard regarding that the Wild could have signed him instead of the Oil? He will be a player.

I’m liking Zucks more and more each game. I already liked Fontaine.

On the other hand, I think it was ICE who said something about players going backwards from last season. We had Hackett on the list back then but he’s turned it around the last two weeks (after maybe hearing about Josh?) . I have a new name to add on the list – Scandella. He was simply horrible on the goal against and not much better as a whole lately (though with a little more offense than we saw last year). It seems that Scandy took a nose dive when Brodin got hurt – maybe that says a lot about how good Brodin is.

Anonymous said...

There's another one you can add to the list - Cuma. Almost cost us at least two goals last night.
His play seems to be regressing.
On a positive note Freidheim seems to show marked improvement.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Actually, Forecheck makes a valid point. It's his opinion, and he certainly is entitled to one.

I don't think I've ever met anyone on here that claimed to know it all about hockey.

Scandella has been a different player since his return from injury. And he was out when Granlund was injured.

In his first seven games, he had 8 assists and was a plus four. In his last eight games, all since returning from injury, he has just one assist and is a minus 4.

We may not know the reason why for sure it's happening, but Scandella has not been himself for the last 2-3 weeks.

eminemilie315 said...

I totally agree with the Scandella comments (I've been calling him out at HW for weeks). He's not playing the same way he was up here in MN last year, not even close. Whether he is freaked out about being injuries, or his injury was worse than we know..I'm not sure. But right now, he's definitely not playing up to his potential.

And as for Cuma, sometimes I wonder if he realizes he's suppose to be playing hockey. He makes good plays....sometimes. You never know which Cuma you're going to get.

Forecheck said...

Yeah, I forgot about the injury. That can play with your head if you let it.