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Friday, December 7, 2012

Aeros jump into second place with 2-1 OT win over Stars

I don't think even my jinxy ways could cool down the white-hot Jason Zucker, who scored the OT game winner in Cedar Park tonight to clinch a 2-1 win for the Aeros.

It's his second OT GWG of the season and he's the only player in the AHL to have more than one so far. He's also the best at scoring power play goals, the third best rookie scorer, and fourth best goal scorer in the league. He's just exceptionally consistent for a young guy.

(BTW, our friends over at Hockey Wilderness did a fun debate on whether Zucker has the stuff to be a top 6 forward for the Wild, you know, should the NHL ever. play. again. aughhhh. Check it out and let them know your thoughts (as folks who've seen a lot of him by now) in the comments there or here.)

Not to be overshadowed was Matt Hackett, who was named first star (usually reserved for OT GWG scorer in these situations). He held off the Stars' 16 shots to the Aeros 5 in the first period, which was essential for the Aeros getting their "been off for a week" legs back under them.

Kris Fredheim got the Aeros only regulation goal in the first period. If I could start chants from the press box, I'd started an "UNDER-RATED *clapclapclapclapclap*" chant for him.

Granlund was back, Cuma was scratched (not healthy). Both Granlund and Genoway got a little dinged up blocking shots but both returned. We'll see if they're in on Sunday once the adrenaline has worn off.

Aeros got into penalty trouble in the first period (hence the ever-so-many shots on goal), but neither team had another penalty the rest of the game. Very unusual, but makes for some nice, quick hockey.

That's about it. Hard to say much not seeing it in person.

Kuemper played for Orlando tonight after being sent down there to get some games in. They lost 5-4 in a shootout (in which no Orlando player was able to score; Kuemper stopped 3 of 4). Somehow Fort Wayne scored an empty net goal with just seconds left even though THEY were the ones who were down and had the extra man on the ice (and presumably an empty net).

Either I'm confused (as are many of my Twitter followers who puzzled over this with me) or the stats folks aren't clear on what constitutes an EN goal. The score sheet: http://echl.com/stats/official-game-report.php?game_id=9865

Anyway, I'm told he'll play again tomorrow night and be back to Houston Sunday. DOG DAY Sunday, the most wonderful game of the year. Woof!....

Followed by the most noisy game of the year on Tuesday morning. Friendly reminder to start coughing at work on Monday so you can call in on Tuesday and come out. I promise not to put your face in the Chronicle.

See you Sunday.


Forecheck said...

It does look like the boys have fixed the defense. But did anyone else find MiG a bit tennative?

Now if we can just get AHLlive to fix their technology. A 30 second delay between video and audio? Don't you have to try real hard to be that bad?

alw02 said...

Wonder what is wrong with Scandella. He used to be a force.....now you hardly notice him except when he passes to the other team.

Anonymous said...

Since there was no posting about last Friday's game against OKC, can someone recall why Palmer received a game misconduct? I've been wondering all week.

Won't it be grand if the boys can make it 7 straight tomorrow? Go Aeros!!

Ms. Conduct said...

Sorry, Anonymous, I don't know that I ever knew the reason for his game misconduct. Should have asked Torch at the time, but it didn't click that that's what happened until after we talked to him.

Anonymous said...

In response to the question of the Palmer game misconduct, I believe both Palmer and the okc player were assessed game misconducts due to secondary altercation infractions.

Agreed on Scandella, he just hasn't been the same force since the injury.
I see Cuma was a healthy scratch and Montgomery called up.
Maybe this will open some eyes.
Go Aeros

Ms. Conduct said...

Cuma was not a healthy scratch. Though I heard conflicting info on sick vs. injured, but regardless, not healthy.

artandhockey said...

Actually was present at the game when Kuemper played in Orlando. The Bears weer simply awful in tjhe first, revved it up in the 2. and even better the 3. but Komets came back and so it went to OT to end with SO loss for Orlando.
Kuemps looked good .. IMO the Bears would have lost bigger w/o Kuemps. The Komet's Reiter rode out the increased 3. period attacks by the Bears and did stop all SO's attempts!

artandhockey said...

Saw the Friday game at Amway with Kuemps in net. Seems the Beras are quite disorganized... ended in a SO loss for Bears. W/O Kuemps in the 1. Komets might have made several more goals, because - the defense was lacking, and the offense wasn't really present either - much. However the Bears rallied a bit in the 2. and 3. and forced a SO after inconclusive OT... but Reiter,the Komet Goalie was just better at stopping the puck. If anyone is interested, there are a few photos from that game on artandhockey.