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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interesting Question ... Who has the better prospects?

While the Minnesota Wild and Toyota Center continue to keep their secret lease negotiations just that, the Edmonton Journal put together a nice piece on how the Oilers' prized possessions were doing down in OKC.

Their prospects can score at will, but they are very disorganized and are soft defensively. And because of that the Aeros have won five of six overall against the OKC Barons this season. No one saw that coming, I don't care how close to the team you are.

All the games have been close and have been high scoring, but the Aeros seem to be able to score late and have found a way to get the extra point in the standings when the games have gone past regulation and overtime.

The writer in the story linked above points out all of the young talent the Wild has in its system and even mentions that as one of the reasons Zack Parise chose Minnesota.

I know myself and others thought it was a really big schedule disadvantage to have the Oilers top farm team on the schedule six times before Christmas. The Barons will be reduced to rubble if and when the lockout ends, and there are some teams that are going to get to feast on what is left.

You have to give Torchetti and his crew a ton of credit for getting it done early and finding a way against that offensive circus. To me, through the first third of the season, that has impressed me the most about this squad. Beating the Barons five out of six times has been quite the feat to date.

Your thoughts?

Taylor Hall has made a big difference offensively, but the Barons still can't keep
the puck out of their own net - 
Photo by Morris Molina, Houston Aeros


Anonymous said...

Have to admit I was down early given the hype for this team.
What is even more impressive is they have been able to win without being able to have consistent line pairings for the most part and having to play with short shifts.
This current team is on the cusp of being something special akin to the Calder Cup run of a couple of years ago.
Fans better enjoy this one as my negative gut feeling is this is the Aeros swan song for the city of Houston.
Please let me be wrong.

Forecheck said...

I dunno about the rest of you, but Ihave been catching some of the OIL CHANGE episodes on MHL Network.

There is a ton of talent in OKC and a lot of high sounding talk about "changing the culture" of the Oilers (those of you who like me work in the corporate world began rolling your eyes just then).

I'm wondering how much is talk or wheel spinning and how much is effective action.

Perhaps what the season series is showing is that while the Oil have the talent edge, the Wild have the better organization and system (on and off the ice)?

Whislting past the graveyard on the lease renewal.