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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aeros Get 1-0 Win Over Rampage

It wasn't a pretty win tonight. There wasn't a lot of graceful skating. There wasn't a lot of scoring. There weren't even a lot of shots. But pretty doesn't matter. Not when you're on the winning side of a 1-0 shutout.

Nick Petersen took care of the scoring for the Aeros, netting a goal early in the second period. That goal was all that the Aeros needed, especially with Darcy Kuemper pitching the shutout, finishing the game with 19 saves as the Aeros stopped the Rampage four-game points streak in front of 6045 fans.

"Kuemper came up big tonight," head coach John Torchetti said. "We did a good job. They had to press for a goal, so they we were going to be a little bit more aggressive and take a little more chances. I thought we did a good job. I thought some guys had some big nights. The penalty kill came through. And we just have to keep feeding off of that."

Kuemper credited his teammates with the win.

"We controlled most of the play," he said. "There were a few chances, but the team did a great job in front of me. You limit the shots to under 20 that makes my job really easy. I just tried to play my part in the win."

And Torchetti said the win came about from something he's been preaching to the team: you've got to have a checking mentality to win the game: "That’s why you have to have a checking mentality," he said. "I’ve been preaching that since game one. You’ve got to be able to win a game 5-1 or 1-0."

Now the Aeros are off for Austin and a game tomorrow with the Stars. 


Who will play for the Aeros against the Stars is still slightly in question: Mikael Granlund missed tonight due to injury -- despite what you might have read elsewhere. And Brian Connelly was injured in the third period -- the extent of his injury wasn't known when we talked to Torchetti -- and Torchetti joked afterward that the Aeros must always have at least six injured players.


Forecheck said...

Well, they will be without whoever is heaeded to camp in Minnysohta.

MiG for sure, probably Zucker, maybe Coyle. It looks like there will be a shortage of players in the ECHL with all the call-ups to the AHL.

A better mentality and result for sure but the offense has to do better than one goal per game. True that there were a couple of good chances that didn't go in Saturday and weren't generated at all Friday, but you still have to bury them.

artandhockey said...

NHL is back per Russos Rants and so the "talent" will be gone! And it is back to Aeros with Solar Bears' exchanges. But then all AHL etc teams will suffer drains of talents, too! Ah well.

ICEVET said...

Great news for hockey fans.....appears that the NHL has its 10-year CBA and will be playing a 50-game season, which could start as early as January 15, with training camp to begin this week (Source: Russo 5:45am update).....the competitive impact of Roster adjustments across the AHL will interesting.

Torchetti said "Kuemper came up big tonight"....another solid performance from the Sunshine Kid following his recent win over Charlotte. His Stats (2.07 GAA, 92% SV, 2 shutouts) are noteworthy for his limited (7) number of starts. Indicative of his character, he always gives the TEAM 100% credit for his win.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

Well, nothing is agreed too untill it is all signed. That could take up to a week for it to be drafted and signed off on by both parties.

And from whatI hear, the NHL is not interested in playing less than 48 games, so if ths drags on for 2-3 weeks, we could still end up with nno season. The NHL can't be playing the regular season in May due to stadium deals with some teams.