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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Aeros Ring In New Year With 4-2 Win

Head coach John Torchetti wasn't pleased with the Aeros first period tonight. And it did look a bit as if the Aeros were still feeling the effects of a New Year's Eve celebration, but once the second period started, the Aeros kicked it into high gear and got the 4-2 win over the visiting Oklahoma City Barons.

Photo by Morris Molina - Aeros
The number one star of the game was Jason Zucker, and his play was, once again, spectacular. He just missed on a pretty wraparound in the first period, beating the goalie but just bouncing the puck off of the post. Then he had a fantastic goal in the second period for the Aeros first goal and netted the third goal with a pretty shot from the slot.

This was the first game I've seen the team in over a month -- sorry, sometimes life interferes -- so I can't really offer up much in the way of analysis. I noticed that a majority of the team seems to be composed of players from Orlando (okay, a slight exaggeration). But I also noticed that the style of the team seemed so much better out on the ice, probably due to the return of Mikael Granlund -- I know he's been back, but this was the first I've seen him out on the ice since early in the season.

That's it. I hope to see the team play again on Saturday. And frankly, I can't wait to watch Zucker on the ice again.


Forecheck said...

Comment someone shouted out in my section during the first period : "How late did you guys party last night???"

That about sums up the first.

The Barons have me somewhat confounded. They have so much NHL talent on that team I can't figure out why they aren't leading the league. Even with RNH off winning a gold medal in Ufa, they are still stocked.

I guess it comes down to the fact that they don't play defense all the time. Maybe they are too focused on recking up the Gs and As.

Yes, John, Zucker is by far our best skater, and MiG is the best set-up guy we have (and have had since the Law/Westrum/Murphy days). The D is playing better than when you last saw them play, though they have their own consistency issues (e.g., Cuma on the first goal, leaving Hall unguarded, and somebody not clearing out the puck or man on the second).

Ms. Conduct said...

To the guys' credit AND discredit, seems to me they tend to have weak starts more often than not. Tends to work for them, though, as long as Hack's ready to go at the opening bell.

ICEVET said...

A nice win for this talented team and Coach Torchetti!!

Hackett was very solid from the beginning and a big factor in the FIRST when OKC was on a "shot-per-minute pace". One senses that he is really starting to pull it together.

The Barron's 2 PP goals were a rather unfortunate reminder of last season's Jan 1 game @ TC, when the Barrons potted 4 PP goals in a 6-0 shutout.

Regarding the Defense, one thinks that the coaches really need to work with Tyler Cuma on some fundamentals...perhaps, his tentative play goes back to the many injuries he has endured during the past 2 seasons. Conversely, Genoway and Fredheim have shown significant improvement this season.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...


the coaches really need to work with Tyler Cuma on some fundamentals

Ya think?