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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonus observation from last night in Cedar Park

We were down interviewing some of the guys after the game, in particular McIntyre, with whom we wanted to talk about the lockout ending because he's one of the more veteran guys on the team.

I asked about the rampant penalties in the game and he immediately fell on the sword for that OT penalty, even though it looked entirely legit-but-accidental and not like the knucklehead stuff from most of the rest of the game, which is what I was really asking about.

He carried the blame for the loss on his shoulders (which is not remotely what we were looking for, but that's what good hockey guys do).

Then a moment later, Hackett walks by, pats McIntyre on the back, and says something to the effect of, "That was on me, man," taking blame for the OT goal.

I just wanted to share that, because in a night that had a pretty chaotic, last-day-of-school, devil may care vibe, and at a time where I think a lot of people are nervous about What Happens Next with the lockout ending and all these injuries, that was a grounding moment for me.

At the end of the day, you want a group of guys on the ice who have each others' backs, because a team like that is going to get the best out of each other.

So, players will come and go, injuries will thwart progress, and officials will have lousy nights, but it's valuable to be reminded here in the grind of mid-season that a team is about way more than what we see watching the game or combing through stats.

If you want to check the team's pulse, there it is.


Andrew J. Ferraro said...

That's pretty classy ... If anything good every comes out of injuries (and a lot of them) it's that it seems to bring out the best in both character and guts in this group.

I think that says a lot, too, about the coaches and his staff as well.

As much as we wanted to find blame in all the silly penalties, Torchetti goes out of his way to praise the character of killing off the 5-on-3s and then tying the game.

And then you have the example you just shared here.

All good stuff heading into a very uncertain time for the Aeros.

Joe said...

Penalty after petty penalty last night. Just sad. My observations from last night and as of late.

1. Zucker should have been sat last night. He was in a bad mood, and it carried over to the rest of the team. Maybe because he found out he would not get the call up.
2. Coyle, I feel, is not playing to his full potential. Been noticing this more and more.
3. Phillips is an issue.
4. Kampfer went from a -10 to a -12. However, he is returning from a long recovery.
5. Without Scandy, it's been tough. But they have been holding their own.
6. Without Connely, bad news.
7. If Bags is out, wow. We could be in for a long dry spell.

However, I did see our young forwards do a lot of back-checking last night which appeared to be non-existent over the last couple of games. Maybe they decided they need to be play a little D, too.