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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kuemper recalled in advance of tonight's game against Texas; Scandella re-assigned and will play

Updated ...

Much to the surprise of frequent poster, ICEVET, the Wild recalled goalie Darcy Kuemper, who may make his NHL debut tonight at Vancouver.

Also, as Heather mentioned in the comments below, Marco Scandella has been re-assigned, and he will take the ice tonight for the Aeros against the Texas Stars.

Kuemper will get the call as Josh Harding deals with a few MS-related health issues. He's been feeling kind of fuzzy, and will take a break to let Kuemper man the pipes against the Wild's biggest pain the ass, the Vancouver Canucks.

From as Aeros focus, wow ... what a game this will be for Matt Hackett?! First, you lose your No. 1 AHL job to Kuemper, and now you have to start on the night that you teammates gets rewarded with an NHL callup.

Let's hope we get to see the Hackett that gets pissed, bears down and plays like we have seen him play in the past. He used to be very good at responding to adversity. Tonight very well could be the toughest hockey issue he's had to deal with since wearing an Aeros sweater.

If the defense plays well in front of him, I expect a solid game from No. 31.


Ms. Conduct said...

Add to that, Scandella has also been sent down, which should help the Aeros blue line quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

Please please tell Hackett to stay in the crease.
Here's his big opportunity to redeem himself.
This will either be sink or swim.
Hopefully we might have one or two of the walking wounded returning.

artandhockey said...

Yeah for Kuemps!

Forecheck said...

Young Mr. Hackett should realize, if he hasn't already, that the race for Josh Harding's job is on NOW. And Hackett is behind.

With all due respect to Josh, his future with the Wild is iffy at best after this season. MS isn't something which gets better with time. At best, you manage it.

Anonymous said...

Hackett has been inconsistent and lacks maturity. He has seen his brightest days if he doesn't decide to change his attitude. He showed such great promise in the calder cup run and early nhl starts perhaps he needs to absorb some humility and play up to his potential then he will be rewarded.

Forecheck said...

Also - Kass placed on waivers!

Forecheck said...

Kuemps played welll, got no defensive support on the two he yielded. Should be a familiar situation to an Aeros goalie.

Anonymous said...

As much as I've been dogging him lately, a very big kudos to Matt Hackett for reaching down and playing up to the levels he showed previously.
What is the deal with Paul Mara?
Hopefully Kassian will clear waivers, at least he will get some playing time.

artandhockey said...

A win for the Aeros@! A loss, but a respectable showing nevertheless (2-1) for Kuemper after flight to Vancouver!

artandhockey said...

Personally, Mara signing was a mistake! He is too volatile IMO. But am sure the fans who love fights love it!