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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Brilliant Video

Sorry to interrupt the Aeros news here, but for just 73 cents a day, you too can help a hockey player.
This goes straight into the Top 10 of my all-time hockey promotions. What are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

What great pr.
That's an excellent piece of work.

Forecheck said...

All I get are the little white dots spinning around.

Anonymous said...

Had a hard time typing through the laughter and tears...brilliant video. I'd buy, if Fargo weren't so far to go...

(Right around 1:07 is my favorite bit.)

Forecheck said...

Remember the old Fox Sports ones where "(golf,bowling,pool) would be better if it was hockey". Plus "Themore hockey you watch, the tougher you get".

And the Nike commercials of the goalie robbing a bank or working in a fast food restaraunt because they couldn't stop Federov?

Plus of course, the NHL "coach" spots.

Anonymous said...

the only thing i can think of is this: