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Friday, March 8, 2013

Wild recalls Matt Hackett

I knew it was coming the second Mike Russo brought up Kuemper's groin injury in the blog the other day ... the Wild backup is hurt, which means the Wild have sent for and received Matt Hackett from the Aeros.

The Wild needs two goalies, and now the Aeros are down to two ECHL goalies for their upcoming series against the Charlotte Checkers. They will probably be running the show for at least the next two weeks of games.

Here is a link to the story on Hockey Wilderness about the Hackett recall.

It will be interesting to see how the Aeros fare while Kuemper is hurt.

Charlotte is in the same boat, ironically, due to injuries with the Hurricanes. Could see a lot of goals scores this weekend.


Anonymous said...

[previous post] "the aeros....would have to suffer a terrible collapse not to make the playoffs"

you HAD to say it. i hope we can get joe fallon to come back for a little while.

Anonymous said...

The only saving grace is we have an additional day to find a goalie.
Timing could not be worse. This really bites big time.

Forecheck said...

At least these are away games this weekend. I'd hate to see this happen when people are coming back to the TC after a long roadie.

ICEVET said...

What Aero Fan can forget Joe Fallon and his sterling 8-game effort in 2012, in particular that 1-0 Abbotsford shutout in overtime, just before his untimely injury.

Should Mr. Fallon be called up, he would face John Muse in Charlotte, a rematch of sorts since Fallon was the losing (Las Vegas Wranglers) netminder to the MVP Muse (Florida Everblades) in the 2012 ECHL Kelly Cup Finals.

Further, his first opponent next week (March 14) would be........Abbotsford.

All the best to the Sunshine Kid toward a quick recovery and to Matt Hackett in his NHL opportunity.

Go Aeros!

AerosFan said...

Fallon would be great I was impressed last year but would rather see Gustafsson brought over for the home stretch/playoffs.

view from afar said...

John Curry will be fine as the goalie this weekend provided he is back to being healthy. He has NHL experience and from his stats, was solid with the Solar Bears. The Wild organization would not have signed him if they did not think he was better than Fallon.

Looking for 2 wins this weekend then the guys will be "home" in Texas for 15 of their next 17 games.

Forecheck said...

The guys got cheated out of point by the ref Saturday for sure.

Overall a good effort - but another injured goalie!!

AerosFan said...

Well he almost made it through one game. Hey it's a point. Guess we'll get Reichard tomorrow. Hopefully they just haven't updated his experience to the website and he does have some.